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Roslin Glen and Chapel

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Roslin Glen and Chapel
Author: , Published: 17 Aug 2012 Walk rating : Rating:star1 Roslin Glen and Chapel - Walking Guidestar1 Roslin Glen and Chapel - Walking Guidestar1 Roslin Glen and Chapel - Walking Guidestar1 Roslin Glen and Chapel - Walking Guidestar0 Roslin Glen and Chapel - Walking Guide
Midlothian, Roslin
Walk Type: Woodland
Roslin Glen and Chapel
Length: 4 miles,  Difficulty: boot Roslin Glen and Chapel - Walking Guide boot Roslin Glen and Chapel - Walking Guide
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This is a two hour 4 mile circular along the river North Esk from Roslin Country Park to Polton village and back to Roslin village. Roslin Glen is particularly scenic and steeped in history.

Coming from the A701: between Penicuik and Bilston turn east onto the B7003 towards Roslin. In Roslin turn right to stay on the B7003 towards Rosewell. After descending into Roslin Glen, turn left just after the bridge over the North Esk, to reach the parking area.

Coming from the A6094: two kilometers south of Bonnyrigg, on the bypass around Rosewell, turn west onto the B7003. After descending into Roslin Glen, turn right just before the bridge over the North Esk, to reach the parking area.

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Walk Sections

Start to Bridge
Start to Bridge

Start point: 55.8533 lat, -3.1635 long
End point: 55.8527 lat, -3.1615 long

Park in the Roslin Glen Country Park parking area. Start by walking towards the river North Esk which is visible from the car park and follow along it for a short distance keeping it on your left. Bear to the right and then turn left to see a footbridge in front of you. Alternatively head straight from the car park past the signs and BBQ areas which should take you to the same footbridge. Cross the river at the footbridge.

Bridge to Arch
Bridge to Arch

Start point: 55.8527 lat, -3.1615 long
End point: 55.8531 lat, -3.1601 long

From the bridge follow the path uphill and straight. Turn right at the next path (don't go up the steps - you will come down these on the way back) and pass under the stone arch that supports the entrance to Roslin Castle. Turn left on the next path.

Arch to River
Arch to River

Start point: 55.8531 lat, -3.1601 long
End point: 55.8563 lat, -3.1523 long

Where the path splits in two, take the right branch that leads down to the river. When the gorge narrows this path becomes tricky and if the water level is high you may have trouble keeping your feet dry. Continue along the river.

River to Left fork
River to Left fork

Start point: 55.8563 lat, -3.1523 long
End point: 55.8594 lat, -3.1472 long

Once you have passed the difficult part, shortly on your right over the river you can see the entrance to Wallace's cave, high up in the rock-face across the glen. It is also known as Hawthornden Castle Cave, after Hawthornden Castle which is nearby. It takes its name from William Wallace, the Scottish national hero, who participated in the Battle of Rosslyn, which took place close to the cave on 24 February 1303. 8,000 Scots, led by John Comyn, faced an English army numbering 30,000. This Battle ended in victory for the Scots, and gave the country new hope for independence from England.Continue along the river until the path heads up, continue here higher up along the Glen with the river on your right. At some point you will reach a fork, the right fork heads down to a nice beach area which you can check out. Head left further up out of the Glen.

Left fork to kissing gate into Hewan wood
Left fork to kissing gate into Hewan wood

Start point: 55.8594 lat, -3.1472 long
End point: 55.868 lat, -3.1438 long

Continue along this path which takes you away from the river. There are many fallen trees which make the path tricky to negotiate. You will start to see a meadow appearing on your left. At some point along this path you will meet a wooden kissing gate which heads into Hewan wood.

Kissing gate into Hewan wood to Metal gate
Kissing gate into Hewan wood to Metal gate

Start point: 55.868 lat, -3.1438 long
End point: 55.8701 lat, -3.1461 long

Pass through the gate and head left along a wire fence into the wood. Head up through the wood and continue along the path ignoring a stile into a meadow on your left. You will see a metal gate in front of you and a signpost. Turn left on the unpaved road behind the gate.

Metal gate to Crossroads Roslin
Metal gate to Crossroads Roslin

Start point: 55.8701 lat, -3.1461 long
End point: 55.8564 lat, -3.163 long

This road will lead you to Roslin, passing through the grounds of Dryden Farm. The farm is part of the Roslin Institute, probably best known as the home of Dolly, the first cloned sheep. Once past the farm buildings there is a small monument to the right of the road, remembering the Battle of Roslin in 1303.

Crossroads Roslin to Roslin chapel
Crossroads Roslin to Roslin chapel

Start point: 55.8564 lat, -3.163 long
End point: 55.856 lat, -3.1618 long

In Roslin continue to follow the road until you reach a crossroads in the center of the village. Turn left, following the signs to Roslin Glen and to Roslin Chapel.

Roslin chapel to Castle turn
Roslin chapel to Castle turn

Start point: 55.856 lat, -3.1618 long
End point: 55.8557 lat, -3.1609 long

After the visitor car park turn right and then turn left to pass between the two parts of the cemetery. Follow this path until it reaches the entrance to Roslin Castle. Take the steps that lead down to the right.

Castle turn to End
Castle turn to End

Start point: 55.8557 lat, -3.1609 long
End point: 55.8532 lat, -3.1636 long

Ignore a path to the left, cross the footbridge and follow the path that goes straight on leading you back to the car park where you started your walk.

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1 comments for "Roslin Glen and Chapel"

There have been some landslides and a couple of trees have fallen over and obstructed the path, making the route a bit trickier in some places than It probably should be (July 13) The glen is very pretty and the chapel is worth a visit but does cost about £10 each

By jasmith853 on 14 Jul 2013

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