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Hilton Figure of Eight

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Hilton Figure of Eight
Author: DJHampton, Published: 28 Oct 2012 Walk rating : Rating:star1 iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UKstar1 iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UKstar0 iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UKstar0 iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UKstar0 iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UK
Walk Type: Footpaths and byways
Hilton Figure of Eight
Length: 3 miles,  Difficulty: boot iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UK boot iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UK
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This is relatively short walk using little trod footpaths for the most part through an area of land that can only be seen from the M6 between junctions 10a and 11. The walk is probably most easily accessed from Shareshill, although it is written starting from Hilton Lane near to the rear entrance to Hilton Park service station on the M6.

This is a remote and little used route so not for beginners or the faint-hearted. There are a lot of stiles on the route and livestock that are not used to people, particularly horses. The horses can be a bit intimidating if you are not confident around large animals as some of the route takes you through fields where they graze and they are very inquisitive, so be warned. Some sections can be a bit overgrown. Part of the walk takes you through a well-known car boot sale field and, whilst there is a public right of way through it, the organisers do not encourage ramblers.

There is a parking place on Hilton Lane at the beginning of the walk, but if you want to access the route from Shareshill, there is parking in residential streets. Shareshill can be accessed from Wolverhampton and Cannock by the Arriva Midland Red North number 70 service.

From Shareshill, travel along Hilton Lane until just before the lane crosses the motorway and opposite the back entrance to Hilton Park services there is a small hard concrete pad that is useful for parking on. The walk starts right next to the motorway. Nearest post code to start WV10 7HU. OS Explorer map 219. OS reference SJ 961055,

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Walk Sections

Start to Brookfield Farm
Start to Brookfield Farm

Start point: 52.647 lat, -2.0595 long
End point: 52.6529 lat, -2.0718 long

Just before Hilton Lane crosses the motorway, if travelling from Shareshill, there is a small concrete pad on the right and opposite the back entrance to Hilton Park services, that nicely takes a car. Park here and then walk towards the motorway and turn left onto the footpath that is indicated with a way pointer.

The footpath runs up the right hand side of the field through a series of metal gates and eventually deposits you into an overgrown green lane. Opposite you is another gate, but ignore this for the time being, as it is the gate through which you will return at the end of the walk.

Once in the lane turn left and make your way along it past a small pool on the left, across a farm track and two more pools on the right. Just after the second pool the path is blocked but a way pointer indicates the route of the path you now need across a field.

Walk across the field in the direction of the way pointer towards a small copse of alders that have been planted. Behind these, in the hedge line is a gate. You can't see the gate very easily because the trees hide it, but it is there. Go through the gate, across a small wooden footbridge and into a large field. This field is often used for car boot sales so you might not be very welcome on these days, although you do still have a right of way.

In front of you is a small copse and you need to walk to the left of it and then walk straight up the field. There are no way markers in the field so continue to walk straight ahead to stay on the right of way. When you get level with the copse on your right, turn sharp right and walk to the copse passing it on your left. At the end of the copse change your direction slightly so that you head to the far left hand corner of the field.

When you reach the corner of the field you will see a sizeable pond; keep the pond to your right and follow the track round to the right and up a slope at the back of Brookfield Farm.

Brookfield Farm to Hilton Lane
Brookfield Farm to Hilton Lane

Start point: 52.6529 lat, -2.0718 long
End point: 52.6522 lat, -2.0793 long

Walk past Brookfield Farm and into a field with farm buildings to your left. Keep to the left of the field until you come to a way marker which points you left through a gate and down through the farm buildings. Follow the farm drive to the main road, the A460; there are plenty of way marker signs as you go and some fishing ponds to the right.

The path crosses the main road and takes you into a 'horsey' area through an electric gate which is activated by a button on your right as you walk down the path. As you go through the gate the path crosses the area to your left diagonally to hit the far right hand corner at a gate and stile. Climb over the stile and cross the field diagonally to the far right hand corner where there are a couple of oak trees and a stile.

Once over this stile, the best thing to do is head for the church that you can see ahead and to the right. The route takes you through horse paddocks until you hit a stile in the far left hand corner just behind the houses. There is also a double stile in the fence/hedge to your right, but ignore it and head for the one at the back of the houses.

The path now runs left very close to the back of the houses past the horse paddocks and emerges into a residential road where you turn right and then left to the A460. Opposite you is Hilton Lane, which is where your route lies.

Hilton Lane to Brookfield Farm
Hilton Lane to Brookfield Farm

Start point: 52.6522 lat, -2.0793 long
End point: 52.6529 lat, -2.0714 long

Walk up Hilton Lane for about one hundred metres until you come to a very clear footpath sign on the left hand side of the road. The footpath actually goes through the residential property and there are clear footpath signs on the gate at the top of the drive to the left of the house. The footpath is very clearly marked through the property and you eventually emerge, through a rather stiff gate, into an alley way and then over a stile and into a field.

Walk along the field to the corner where the field goes back on you to the right. On the far side of the field is a green farm building to the right and quite a large oak tree further round to the left. Walk across the field to this oak tree.

Standing at the oak tree walk straight across the field until the you are level with the copse in the field on your left. You should now turn left and walk to the copse, but to the far side, i.e. where you walked to earlier in the day. Walk past the copse and once again head for the far left hand corner of the field and follow the path past the pond on the right and into the field behind Brookfield farm where you were this morning.

Brookfield Farm to End
Brookfield Farm to End

Start point: 52.6529 lat, -2.0714 long
End point: 52.647 lat, -2.0597 long

Once in the field don't walk straight ahead, as you did earlier, but turn right and follow the farm track to the top of the hill and continue along the track passing a wood on the left.

Once past the wood the path bears left and through a gate into a field. This field sometimes has some very 'confident' horses in it, that may need to be discouraged with some gentle pushes. Cross the paddock to the gate on the opposite side of the field and through the gate into the heavily overgrown track that you walked along earlier. This time, cross the track and go through the gate on the opposite side following the path along the left hand side of the field, through the series of gates and back to where you have parked.

Your walk is complete.

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1 comments for "Hilton Figure of Eight"

V.muddy in winter; horses at start quite aggressive! And path barely visible with overgrown brambles. Instructions bit ambiguous in middle regarding big field-I would say just head past first copse keeping to right all time down to far corner & large pond. I walked to start from featherstone where I live, up dark lane & returned to that point at end rather than take the footpath through willow cottage drive thus avoiding the 'horsey' fields at end where path was blocked (deliberately?) so I had to duck under the low barbed wire fence.

By Millicent1 on 28 Dec 2016

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