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Highgate Common, Bobbington and Six Ashes Circular Trail

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Highgate Common, Bobbington and Six Ashes Circular Trail
Author: Sammy Benbow, Published: 10 Jun 2014 Walk rating : Rating:star1 iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UKstar1 iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UKstar0 iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UKstar0 iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UKstar0 iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UK
Staffordshire, Bobbington
Walk Type: Footpaths and byways
Highgate Common, Bobbington and Six Ashes Circular Trail
Length: 9 miles,  Difficulty: boot iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UK boot iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UK boot iFootpath - walking guides and directions for the UK
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This is a 9 mile circular trail that starts at Highgate Common, heads past the Red Lion Pub in Bobbington then heads out to Six Ashes, before returning to Highgate Common via fields and byways. The walk encompasses many fields and quiet country roads, and also goes past Halfpenny Green airport. Lots of wildlife is visible along this route, including an unexpected animal between Broadfields Farm and the Ponds at Mere Farm.

There are stiles and gates to negotiate along this route, and a few footbridges over streams/brooks. Some bridges are in a state of disrepair, the paths can be overgrown and some tracks are at the lowest point between fields, leading to some very wet patches. It is suggested that this walk not be attempted soon after heavy rain. Some fields will have animals and while the roads are generally quiet, they often lack pavements/footpaths. If you would like refreshments along the way, you will pass The Red Lion at Bobbington.

By car: free parking is available in the car park on Camp Hill Road, adjacent to Enville Golf Club. Take the A458, turning off at Chester Road, then taking Enville Common Road before turning left onto Camp Hill Road. (Or, take the A449, turning down Doctors Lane, then Ashwood Lower Lane, before climbing the hill onto Camp Hill Road.)

Approximate postcode: DY7 5BS

There is no nearby bus route.

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Walk Sections

Start to Clearing
Start to Clearing

Start point: 52.505 lat, -2.2447 long
End point: 52.5163 lat, -2.2344 long

Depart the car park and turn right, walking 500m up Camp Hill Road, turning right onto Crab Lane then keeping right onto Gospel Ash Road at the junction. Just after the turning on the right, White House Lane, take the stile to the right of the metal gate, and cross onto the Staffs Way.

This section is likely to be overgrown, and can be somewhat muddy. The path follows alongside a field to begin with, then enters the woods. At the forks in the path, keep left. Continue on until you reach a large clearing. The path is marked by a post with a red circle imprinted with a white beetle. Cross this clearing and enter the woods again.

Soon you will come to an even larger clearing. Follow the path across and re-enter the woods. At the pinch gate, bear left in front and follow the path north. Eventually you will come to a third clearing, with a field visible on the other side of the fence.

Clearing to Crab Lane
Clearing to Crab Lane

Start point: 52.5163 lat, -2.2344 long
End point: 52.5112 lat, -2.2592 long

After entering the third clearing, take the path on the left, back into the woods. The field will be visible on your right. After 550m, continue straight down Forest Lane. Follow this track past some houses for a further 700m, until you reach Gospel Ash Road. Take the road to your left, opposite, Water Lane.

There is no footpath along Water Lane, so take care. To your right, Halfpenny Green Airport is visible at a couple of points, through the hedge. Continue on for 550m, until you reach Crab Lane

Crab Lane to Bobbington
Crab Lane to Bobbington

Start point: 52.5112 lat, -2.2592 long
End point: 52.5129 lat, -2.2812 long

Cross Crab Lane and enter the farm driveway opposite. The stile is in the left hand corner, by the hedge. Cross this into the pastoral field. Continue on for 250m, going through the metal gate and keeping left.

Cross the boundary at the stile in the left corner of the second field. From here, cross the arable field diagonally right, heading towards the protruding field boundary 200m away. Keep to the right of this, and head along the field edge for 180m. Cross into the next field, and after 320m, exit onto Leaton Lane.

Turn right, and after 40m, turn left into the field, by the fingerpost. After 400m, cross the stile, then continue on through the next field for 150m. Cross the stile in the left hand corner and enter an alleyway between some houses. Follow this for a short distance, then cross the stile at the end, emerging onto a lawn. Cross this to the road.

Bobbington to Footbridge
Bobbington to Footbridge

Start point: 52.5129 lat, -2.2812 long
End point: 52.506 lat, -2.2857 long

Turn left and walk along Six Ashes Road. On your right you will see the Red Lion Pub. Walk along the road for 250m. Take the turning on the left, by the small road "island" with the postbox, and follow it between the two sets of houses.

Take the grassy path dead ahead, then walk 450m straight across two arable fields. Cross the stile on the right, just after the second field boundary. Walk along the field edge, keeping it to your right.

After a short distance, the boundary leads sharply right. Follow this, and cross the first footbridge over the brook. Just after the footbridge is a bench.

Continue on along the boundary, crossing the stile 80m along, which is hidden by the hedge. Take care, as there is another footbridge here and this one is slimmer than the last.

Footbridge to Six Ashes Road
Footbridge to Six Ashes Road

Start point: 52.506 lat, -2.2857 long
End point: 52.5025 lat, -2.2953 long

After crossing the stile, follow the field boundary on your left. Head towards the far right corner of the field, about 450m away. Cross the stile, then follow the tracks past the mound. Cross another stile then join Six Ashes Road. Follow the road left for 250m. After the house on the right, take the stile immediately preceding the road sign and reflective bollards.

Six Ashes Road to Hay Farm
Six Ashes Road to Hay Farm

Start point: 52.5025 lat, -2.2953 long
End point: 52.4948 lat, -2.3017 long

Cross the stile and follow the boundary fence of the field to your left. The woods on your right are likely to be overgrown. Continue on for 200m, then go through the metal gate into a field. This section had quite high vegetation at the time of writing.

Go straight across the next field, keeping the farm buildings to your left. After 250m, at the field boundary, continue straight for a further 130m. Enter the next field, keeping the boundary and trees to your right. Walk 550m up the field, heading to the top right corner. Cross the two stiles, then keep the boundary to your left, then cross the next stile.

As you enter the next field, the right of way is likely to be overgrown. It leads diagonally across the field, alongside a low metal fence. Cross the stile and turn left along Six Ashes Road. Follow the road for 250m, taking the first turning on the right.

Hay Farm to Broadfields Farm
Hay Farm to Broadfields Farm

Start point: 52.4948 lat, -2.3017 long
End point: 52.5024 lat, -2.2803 long

Turn right down the access road, from Six Ashes Road. Follow this road for 850m, until the point at which it bends sharply right. Continue straight on, down the avenue of trees. After 300m, enter the field on the left and follow the boundary, keeping it on your right, for 450m. Climb the short slope at the end to cross a stile. Keep to the right hand boundary of the next field.

At the right-hand corner of the field, cross a stile then a bridge. The bridge may have been vandalised and the brook is otherwise impassable after heavy rain, unless you're extremely dexterous.

Once across the brook, enter the field on the right and walk 150m to the road, keeping the field boundary on your left.

Broadfields Farm to Ponds
Broadfields Farm to Ponds

Start point: 52.5024 lat, -2.2803 long
End point: 52.5009 lat, -2.2602 long

Turn right and walk down through the farm yard. Follow the path through the field, diagonally, to the hedge. Continue on through the next two fields, then turn right along Lutley Lane.

Walk along for 350m, then take the path on the left, by the fingerpost. Keep the field boundary on your right. Walk along this path for 600m, going through 3 gates and keeping an eye out for llamas grazing in a field to your left.

At the third gate, in the trees (the catch for which is on the other side), bear right into the field and cross the path between the two pools. Head down the slope at the end onto the track.

Ponds to End
Ponds to End

Start point: 52.5009 lat, -2.2602 long
End point: 52.5049 lat, -2.2448 long

Cross the lane and go through the metal gate opposite. Keep the hedge to your left and follow the path for 220m. After heavy rains, this section can be very wet, so take care.

Cross into the next field, which slopes uphill, and follow the field boundary to the top. Keeping the boundary on your right, walk 400m towards the gap in the hedge, visible at the top of the field. Go through, and walk straight ahead.

After 200m, keep the hedge on your right and continue straight. After a further 400m, exit the field onto Crab Lane. Turn right and walk 450m back down Crab Lane, turning left onto Camp Hill Road to return to the car park.

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