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Titley Village and Mortimer Country

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Titley Village and Mortimer Country
Author: Claire, Published: 10 Aug 2014 Walk rating : Rating:star1 Titley Village and Mortimer Country Herefordshire Walking Guidestar1 Titley Village and Mortimer Country Herefordshire Walking Guidestar1 Titley Village and Mortimer Country Herefordshire Walking Guidestar1 Titley Village and Mortimer Country Herefordshire Walking Guidestar0 Titley Village and Mortimer Country Herefordshire Walking Guide
Herefordshire, Kington
Walk Type: Hills, valleys and dales
Titley Village and Mortimer Country
Length: 4 miles,  Difficulty: boot Titley Village and Mortimer Country Herefordshire Walking Guide boot Titley Village and Mortimer Country Herefordshire Walking Guide
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A 3.5 mile circular walk from the small village of Titley in Herefordshire. The route performs a simple loop through the surrounding countryside taking in hillside pastures, ancient lanes and open crop fields. There are wonderful views from the top of the hillside pastures as you enjoy this journey through the southern part of Mortimer Country, the former stomping ground of the powerful medieval Marcher Lords.

The walk includes several long but steady climbs and descents. The field paths can be very muddy after periods of rain and can also get quite overgrown so good boots and long trousers are a must. You will need to negotiate two stiles (both with adjacent dog gates) plus a number of gates and kissing gates (some of which are a tight squeeze). You will be sharing the pastures with sheep and sometimes cattle so take care with dogs. Approximate time 1.5 to 2 hours.

Titley is a small village located on the B4355 between Kington and Presteigne in Herefordshire. There is a small lay-by parking area (with a phone box and post box) just off the B4355, between the war memorial and the church. Approximate post code HR5 3RR.

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Walk Sections

Start to Double Kissing Gate
Start to Double Kissing Gate

Start point: 52.2347 lat, -2.9806 long
End point: 52.2426 lat, -2.987 long

From the lay-by, cross over the road with care and turn right along the pavement. You will pass the entrance gate for Titley Priory on the left, the remains of a monastery that was founded in the 1100s. Next you will pass St Peter’s Church also on the left. The church was originally the priory’s chapel but it was entirely rebuilt in 1868.

Immediately after the church, turn left onto the signed public footpath for the Mortimer Trail (more about Mortimer Country later). Follow this tarmac/stone track which passes between the church on the left and private properties on the right. Stay on the track as it swings steadily right to reach a wide metal gate with a smaller pedestrian gate set within it. Pass through this gate to join the grass track with the tree line on the right and fenced pasture to the left.

Continue up the slope until you come to a wooden kissing gate on the left. You now have a couple of choices. The official route passes through this gate into the pasture, continues uphill with the fence on the right, swings left and then turns right to enter the next field via another kissing gate. However, if you are wanting to avoid livestock within the field, you can stay on the grass track around the field edge to reach this kissing gate into the next field.

Continue up the fenced grass track which runs along the right-hand edge of this next field, still climbing. Half way up the field you will meet another pedestrian gate set into a farm gate ahead. Pass through this and walk directly ahead, staying near to the right-hand edge of the open pasture.

Where the hedge on the right steps back, keep ahead to walk across the centre of this wider section of pasture. Take a moment here to pause and enjoy the views behind you, to the south. At the top of the field you will reach a double kissing gate which leads you into sheep pastures.

Double Kissing Gate to Green Lane
Double Kissing Gate to Green Lane

Start point: 52.2426 lat, -2.987 long
End point: 52.2466 lat, -2.9924 long

Cross this field at about 1 o’clock to reach the gate within the far hedge. Pass through this and walk straight ahead coming over the brow of the hill. At this point the views open up ahead to the woodland slopes in the north.

As promised, this viewpoint provides the ideal opportunity to understand some more about history of the area, Mortimer Country. Following in the footsteps of William the Conqueror, the Mortimers came from Normandy and established their power base on the border between England and Wales. Warlike, ambitious and powerful, the Mortimers bestrode the medieval stage. As Earls of March they played a major part in the story of England. At nearby Kingsland there is a memorial to the battle of Mortimer’s Cross, a battle between the Houses of York and Lancaster in 1461. Edward Mortimer led the House of York troops and was victorious, becoming Edward IV. Today the Mortimer Trail is a 30 mile footpath linking Ludlow and Kington, the length of Mortimer Country.

Follow the path now heading steadily downhill and enter the next pasture via the gate. Continue straight across this next field, passing immediately to the left of the wooden pylon. Pass under the power lines to cross a stile (just to the right of the wide metal gate). Walk ahead staying close to the fence on the left and cross the next stile (take care – there’s a big drop on the far side) into an enclosed track. Turn left for a couple of paces, and then turn right to join the stone/tarmac lane, Green Lane.

Green Lane to Burnt House
Green Lane to Burnt House

Start point: 52.2466 lat, -2.9924 long
End point: 52.2432 lat, -3.0064 long

Follow the track passing the barn on the left and properties on the right. Pass through the wide metal gate ahead to join the grass track between hedgerows (which can be overgrown in the summer). Further along, another wide gate leads you onto a section of track through a tunnel of trees.

Continue along the lane passing through two more wide metal gates along the way. Beyond this you will have a great view of the beautiful woodland slopes of Stocking Wood on the left. You will pass an impressive old stone barn on the left, with distinctive slit openings within its walls. This is known as Burnt House. Continue for just a few more yards to reach a junction of paths with two gates ahead.

Burnt House to Turning Ways
Burnt House to Turning Ways

Start point: 52.2432 lat, -3.0064 long
End point: 52.2368 lat, -2.9887 long

Do NOT pass through either of the gates, instead turn sharp left on the narrow path through woodland signed to Titley. The path soon becomes a pretty sunken slope down under a tunnel of trees. Take care as the slope can be slippery when wet. The path swings left between hedgerows to continue its descent (again this section can get overgrown).

The path will lead you to a gate out into an open field. Pass through the gate and keep left along the top of the field, following the fence line on the left. Go through the gate ahead into the next field and keep straight ahead, still with the hedge on the left. Where the hedge on the left steps back, fork right (between 1 and 2 o’clock) heading diagonally down through the centre of the field (towards the far right corner). At the bottom of the slope (before you reach the corner) you will find a gate slightly hidden in the hedge line (over to your left).

Go through the gate into the next field and cross it between 12 and 1 o’clock. You will find the next kissing gate slightly hidden within the hedge at the far side. You will emerge to a crop field. Cross this at 1 o’clock to reach the far right-hand corner. Turn right into the adjacent field and then swing left to follow a path running parallel to the hedge on the left. (Note: if there are crops in the field the farmer is likely to have left convenient tractor wheel tracks which you can follow with ease).

Stay on the path closest to the left-hand boundary and soon this becomes a grass track between crop fields. Follow the track ahead passing under power lines to reach a wide gate. Pass through the gap to the left of this and you will emerge out to a T-junction alongside the pretty property, Turning Ways.

Turning Ways to End
Turning Ways to End

Start point: 52.2368 lat, -2.9887 long
End point: 52.2349 lat, -2.9806 long

Turn right along the quiet lane, taking care of any occasional traffic. Follow the lane for some distance and, when you come to a fork in the road, keep right on the main lane. You will pass the village hall on the left and then emerge to a T-junction with the main village road alongside the pub.

Cross over with care and then turn left along the grass verge. Soon a pavement begins alongside the grass verge. Follow this, past the war memorial over to the left, to reach the lay-by on the right where the walk began.

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