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The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trail

There are currently 4 comments and 2 photos online for this walk.

The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trail
Author: Claire, Published: 07 Dec 2014 Walk rating : Rating:star1 The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trailstar1 The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trailstar1 The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trailstar1 The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trailstar0 The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trail
Surrey, Bletchingley
Walk Type: Footpaths and byways
The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trail
Length: 4 miles,  Difficulty: boot The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trail boot The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trail
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pdf The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trail
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A 4 mile circular pub walk from the Bletchingley Arms in Bletchingley, Surrey. The Bletchingley Arms is a warm and welcoming place with a chic and quirky style, perfect for a coffee or lunch before or after your walk. The walking route explores the countryside surrounding the village of Bletchingley, taking in the Greensands Ridge, large open pastures and small belts of woodland with glorious views to be enjoyed along the way.

The route includes a few steady climbs and descents throughout. Most of the paths are unmade, crossing fields and woodland, and can be very muddy at any time of year so good boots are a must. You will need to negotiate 8 stiles on route (although you many find the farm gates alongside some of these stiles are unlocked) plus 3 staggered barriers and some steps. The stiles have fenced surrounds that small/medium dogs should be able to negotiate, but larger dogs will need a lift over. The walk crosses through a number of sheep pastures so take particular care with dogs. Approximate time 2 hours.

Bletchingley is located on the A25, between Redhill and Godstone. The walk starts and finishes from the Bletchingley Arms on the main A25 road, which has its own large car park. Approximate post code RH1 4PE.

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Walk Sections

Start to Castle Hill
Start to Castle Hill

Start point: 51.2405 lat, -0.0957 long
End point: 51.2394 lat, -0.1052 long

Leave the Bletchingley Arms car park via the vehicle entrance and turn right along the pavement, passing in front of the pub. Follow the pavement uphill towards the centre of the village. As you reach the staggered crossroads, you need to cross over the A25 to turn left onto the road signed for Outwood. Do this with care as the A25 can get busy, if it is very busy you may prefer to continue a bit further along the road where you will find a designated crossing point with an island in the middle of the road.

Follow the right-hand pavement along Outwood Lane. The charming village of Bletchingley is of medieval origin. It is referred to in the Domesday Book of 1086 and the name probably derives from bleaching associated with the presence of fuller’s earth. Today the village is well known for its specialist antique shops.

As you draw level with the side road, Town Mead, you are forced to swap to the left-hand pavement. On the right you will pass the entrance for Tower House and you may be able to see the tower itself above the tree line. As you draw level with House No 12 on the left, look to the right and you will see a signed footpath. Cross over the road (there are some steps set in the grass verge) to join this path.

Follow this woodland path uphill, with garden fences on the right. The solid fences soon give way to open wire fencing and you will have great views across some old estate land. You will emerge to the end of a residential road at Castle Hill.

Castle Hill to Barns
Castle Hill to Barns

Start point: 51.2394 lat, -0.1052 long
End point: 51.2349 lat, -0.1113 long

Look to the left and you will see two signed public footpaths. Take the second of these, the fenced path to the right of the tarmac drive, which heads steadily uphill and then swings right. The views now open up on the left, across the rolling slopes of the Surrey countryside. You will be able to make out the lake alongside Castlehill Farm which sits in the valley bottom.

This path, which follows the Greensand Ridge, is part of the Greensand Way. The Greensand Ridge is a sandstone escarpment which runs in a horseshoe shape through East Sussex, Surrey and Kent, around the Weald. It is this ridge that forms some of the highest points in Surrey including Leith Hill. To the right, through the trees, you will be able to make out the mound of the former motte and bailey castle, Bletchingley Castle. The castle was first noted in 1160 as one of the four castles of Surrey. In 1170, on the way to Canterbury, the four knights responsible for assassinating Thomas Becket stayed here. The castle was demolished after the Battle of Lewes in 1264, but the earthworks remain as a Scheduled Monument.

The path swings left and leads you steadily downhill. The fenced path leads you between pastures and down to a stile. Cross this and join the wider fenced farm access track (likely to be very muddy as it is used by cattle) which swings left then right. At the fork in the track, bear right and you will pass some farm barns on the right.

Barns to Crossroads
Barns to Crossroads

Start point: 51.2349 lat, -0.1113 long
End point: 51.2286 lat, -0.1143 long

After passing the barns, cross the stile ahead to enter the sheep pasture. Follow the obvious track which winds ahead through the pasture. Cross the next stile ahead and go straight on, following the obvious grass track across the next pasture.

The track leads you over a small stream and, at the end of the field, you will come to a signed crossroads of paths. Cross the stile ahead and then turn immediately left, following the fence/hedge on the left.

Crossroads to Outwood Lane
Crossroads to Outwood Lane

Start point: 51.2286 lat, -0.1143 long
End point: 51.228 lat, -0.101 long

In the field corner, cross the stile and you will pass back over the stream to enter the next pasture. Walk diagonally left (at about 10’clock) to merge with the left-hand field boundary. Keep ahead with the fence and hedge running on the left.

A stile ahead leads you into the next pasture. Continue ahead, following the left-hand boundary. You will see a small orchard to the left (look out for the adorable pig foraging beneath the trees) and then the path leads you past a small woodland on the left. Immediately after the woodland, cross the stile on the left to reach the adjacent pasture.

Walk diagonally across the field to merge with the left-hand field boundary. Continue following the line of the old metal fence on the left. Cross the stile and continue along the next field. A final stile will lead you out to a junction with the road, Outwood Lane.

Outwood Lane to Sleeper Bridge
Outwood Lane to Sleeper Bridge

Start point: 51.228 lat, -0.101 long
End point: 51.2265 lat, -0.0909 long

Cross over and take the signed bridleway directly opposite. Follow this track as it leads you past a handful of properties on the right. The track narrows to a fenced path, with open fields visible through the hedgerows each side.

Further along, the path leads you into a pretty belt of mixed woodland. This area is used for raising game birds so don’t be surprised if you startle the odd pheasant into the sky! Just before you emerge from the belt of trees, you will see a waymarker post on the left. Turn left here onto the public footpath which runs along the right-hand edge of the woodland. The path leads you over a small stream via a sleeper bridge.

Sleeper Bridge to Woodland Track
Sleeper Bridge to Woodland Track

Start point: 51.2265 lat, -0.0909 long
End point: 51.2348 lat, -0.097 long

You will emerge from the trees into a crop field. Cross this diagonally left (at about 11 o’clock) and you will reach a path through the gap in the hedge line. Pass through this gap and turn immediately right, following the right-hand edge of this second crop field. Follow this long field boundary as it swings steadily left. At the top of the field, go ahead on the narrow path through the hedgerow to emerge to a third crop field.

Cross this diagonally left (at about 10 o’clock) and continue in the same direction on the path through the woodland. As you emerge from the trees, keep in the same direction to cross the fourth crop field. In the top field corner take the path which continues uphill back into some trees. A few paces later you will come to a T-junction with a wider woodland track.

Woodland Track to End
Woodland Track to End

Start point: 51.2348 lat, -0.097 long
End point: 51.2407 lat, -0.0954 long

Turn left along this track and follow it as it swings right between steep banks. At the first crossroads keep straight ahead (still climbing), with a fenced field to the left and a mast visible to the right. At the next crossroads, go ahead up a short steep bank and pass through the staggered barrier to reach a playing field.

Go straight over the field to reach the staggered barrier opposite. Pass through this and go down the steep slope (take care here as this can be slippery). Ignore the path off to the left, instead keep ahead on the grass path through the section of scrub. The path will lead you through a staggered barrier to reach the corner of the village playing fields (Grange Meadow), by the pavilions. Grange Meadow is host to a wide variety of village clubs including the bowls club, football club, rifle range club and the Bletchingley Players theatrical group.

Turn right along the tarmac access lane, passing the children’s playground on the right. At the end of the lane you will come to a junction with the main A25. Cross over with care (using the designated crossing point just to your right) to reach the Bletchingley Arms for some well-earned hospitality.

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Text and images for this walk are Copyright © 2014 by the author clairesharpuk and may not be reproduced without permission.

4 comments for "The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trail"

This is also a test.

By elanceTester on 23 Dec 2014

Parking also available in lay-by near pub if you aren't using the pub and feel uncomfortable about using their facilities.

Lots of views of fields (a bit lacking in variety) and much of the walk is close to M23 and suffers from noise. But a pleasant and fairly easy walk.

By gcluer on 21 Dec 2015

My first country walk in very many years. very pleasant

By gingergodofl on 09 Apr 2016

Great walk in April / May - you see the tiny lambs in the fields and amazing bluebell woods.
NB. Some of the stiles early in the walk have been replaced by galvanised steel gates.

By Martynhaywar on 10 Jun 2016

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2 gallery images for "The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trail"

3838_0Richard1417948420 The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trail Image by: RichardJ
Uploaded: 07 Dec 2014
The day we walked this lovely trail (December 2014) it was frosty and bright
3838_0Richard1417948548 The Bletchingley Arms Greensand Country Trail Image by: RichardJ
Uploaded: 07 Dec 2014
The sheep were tucking into some hay as we passed - one seemed to trying to get deep into the middle.


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