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Llyn Elsi
Author: J8sun, Published: 18 Feb 2012 Rating:

Walk Type: Woodland

Length: 4 miles,  Difficulty:
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A beautiful walk in Betwys-Y-Coed. It starts with a steep climb but it is worth it for the stunning views of the snowdonian moutain range and the lovely walk around the lake. There are no stiles. Approximate time 2 hours.

Once in Betwys-Y-Coed you can park in the large car park by the central park area. Once there you will see the large church, the start of the walk is directly behind this. Approximate post code LL24 0AY.

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Walk Sections

Start to the top of the climb

Start point: 53.0912 lat, -3.8032 long
End point: 53.086 lat, -3.8039 long

The gate to the path is signposted with graphics of the walk and the lake. Once through the gate the path leads steeply upwards and is clearly defined.

There is a bench half way up for a well deserved rest.

Continue forward on the path. You will pass other paths going off on the left, left, right and left in that order.

Look out for the large ruined cottage on the right as you go.

Left hand fork in path

Start point: 53.086 lat, -3.8039 long
End point: 53.0808 lat, -3.8137 long

You will reach a fork in the path and you go left and get your first view of the lake.

Small path off to the right

Start point: 53.0808 lat, -3.8137 long
End point: 53.0809 lat, -3.8152 long

As you get your first view of the lake you will see a narrower path on the right. This will take you up to the view point, the highest point on the walk.

View Point

Start point: 53.0809 lat, -3.8152 long
End point: 53.083 lat, -3.817 long

The Viewpoint is hard to miss with its big stone marker. From there you can see the ranges of the Carneddau and the Glyderau. Snowdon itself is not visible behind the mass of Moel Siabod.

When you have finished taking in the view with the stone marker behind you follow the path to your right which leads down towards the lake.

Keep following the path around the lake taking paths to the left where they appear.

Around the lake

Start point: 53.083 lat, -3.817 long
End point: 53.0762 lat, -3.819 long

Take paths to the left where they appear. The path varies from wide to narrow and there are a couple of sections of very uneven ground but generally it is easy going as the path winds around the lake.

Journey back down

Start point: 53.0762 lat, -3.819 long
End point: 53.0912 lat, -3.8032 long

You will find yourself back at the path leading to the viewpoint. From here you follow the path back down to the start point. (Much easier in this direction)

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7 images to "Llyn Elsi"

Image by: J8sun
Uploaded: 18 Feb 2012
My wife and our friends taking a rest on the way up. (I hadn't made it that far yet)
Image by: J8sun
Uploaded: 18 Feb 2012

Image by: J8sun
Uploaded: 18 Feb 2012
Ruin of the side of the path
Image by: J8sun
Uploaded: 18 Feb 2012
Llyn Elsi
Image by: J8sun
Uploaded: 18 Feb 2012
Walk starts behing this church
Image by: J8sun
Uploaded: 18 Feb 2012
Enjoying a rest
Image by: J8sun
Uploaded: 18 Feb 2012
Llyn Elsi

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There are currently 0 comments and 7 photos online for this walk.

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