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Sad Plight of the Hen Harrier

There’s something particularly magical about seeing birds of prey in the UK countryside when you’re out walking. Whilst some species like red kites are thriving, things are less good for other native species like the hen harrier, with the chances of catching a glimpse of one getting slimmer by the year. The RSPB has just published its fifth national hen harrier survey which reveals sad news for these amazing aerial gymnasts…
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Join the Launch of the Sussex Hospices Trail

Join Friends of Sussex Hospices on 23 September 2017 for the launch event of the Hospices Trail, Walk the Hospice Trail. Simply get a team together to walk one stretch of the Sussex Hospices Trail, becoming part of a simultaneous relay to mark the official launch of the 200-mile trail. All money raised will go to support the Sussex hospices. Find out more about the event and how to take part…

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Win Prizes for Exploring Boston this Summer

Active Lincolnshire has teamed up with iFootpath to bring a series of walks to Boston.

The walks, which range from nature walks in the woods to town trails, are all three miles or less and are designed to be accessible to all – whatever your age or ability.

And there are lots of prizes to be won.
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Nine of the Best: Cathedral Walks

Cathedrals are an intrinsic part of the history of many of our cities. The sheer scale and elaborate design of these buildings demonstrates the status once held by the church and the efforts that were made in dedicating buildings to faith. Whatever your faith (or none), today they remain glorious landmarks within our cities demonstrating the skills of stonemasons past and present. Here we present nine of the best walks in England that allow you to visit some of our best-loved cathedrals…
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Dog Friendly? ... It’s Not That Simple

Walking with a dog is a true joy, a daily pleasure that I wouldn’t want to miss out on and, here at iFootpath, we want to help all dog owners to get more out of their dog walks. Why then, we are often asked, don’t we tag the relevant walks as ‘dog friendly’? Our answer is simple, dog friendly means different things to different people. Here we explore what makes a good dog walk and how you can find the right iFootpath walk for you and your canine pal…
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Celebrate National Meadows Day 2017

National Meadows Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of July every year, this year that falls on Saturday 1 July. It is a day when the nation celebrates wildflower grasslands, with many landowners showcasing the amazing wildflowers and species within their meadows. Find out about these stunning landscapes and events happening today from across the UK…
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Help Unearth the 2017 Tree of the Year

Do you have a favourite tree, either local to you or on one of your much-loved walks? Does it have a tale to tell, playing an important for locals and wildlife or having a fascinating history? If so, the Woodland Trust would love to hear from you as part of their quest to find the 2017 Tree of the Year…
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Introducing the Ryedale Market Towns Trail

iFootpath has teamed up with Ryedale District Council to bring you a new circular long-distance walking trail in the Ryedale district of North Yorkshire. This 67-mile (108km) long-distance trail celebrates the glorious landscape of this district as well as the many traditional small villages and the five historic market towns, all offering a great Yorkshire welcome.
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iFootpath Expert: The Joy of GPS

In the early days of iFootpath I was often asked, ‘Isn’t that just a gimmick? It’s just an electronic version of a walking guide book…’ But, of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There would have been no point creating digital walking guides unless they had distinct advantages over leaflets and books, and the main advantage can be summed up as ‘The Joy of GPS’. This iFootpath Expert article explores the many ways that the iFootpath App exploits all the benefits of GPS, meaning you can always be sure of exactly where you are relative to the route map…
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Expand Your Horizons with the 2017 Cloud Atlas

One of the things I love about walking (although, to be fair, there are thousands of things I love about walking!) is the way it allows you to get closer to the cycles and forces of nature. I’m always keen to learn more about the natural world around me, but one area where I have to admit my knowledge is a bit thin on the ground is cloud formations. Well help is at hand, with the publication of the 2017 Cloud Atlas, in a digital format for the very first time. Here we present a few of the basics; use them to create your own cloud hunt or simply to impress your fellow walkers…
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iFootpath: One Thousand Walking Guides and Still Growing

A moment we have been dreaming about has just arrived, so we wanted to take a minute to share and celebrate. Drum roll please… In May 2017, iFootpath published its 1,000th walking guide. Hooray! That’s 1,000 comprehensive UK walking guides, all richly described with full turn-by-turn directions, photos, snippets and fun facts of what you’ll see along the way, a GPS-powered map and full access notes so you can check if the walk is suitable for you. All this information, held within a handy App so you can carry the guides around with ease. We are so proud of this much-loved walking compendium and equally proud to reach this new milestone…


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iFootpath Expert: Know Before you Go

There’s nothing worse than a nasty surprise when you’re out walking. In this iFootpath Expert article, we explain how all iFootpath guides are laid out to give you the key access information about a walk before you set out. No longer do you need to worry about whether you will come across tricky stiles, a field of cattle or a steep climb that isn’t suitable for your walking party…
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Discover an Easier Way to Enjoy the Howardian Hills

Howardian Hills AONB has teamed up with iFootpath to create six Easy Countryside Walking Trails, designed to give everyone the chance to enjoy a slice of this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Discover the beauty of this charming landscape on hard-surfaced tracks and lanes, with short routes suitable for beginners, wheelchairs, pushchairs or disability buggies. There are stunning views and nature-rich woodlands just waiting to be discovered, and chance for a glimpse of the Kilburn White Horse, Ampleforth Abbey and Byland Abbey...
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iFootpath Expert: Refresh for Success

The beauty of digital walking guides is that, unlike printed books and leaflets, they can be kept up to date easily. We regularly update iFootpath walking guides based on feedback from walkers, so in this latest instalment of the iFootpath Expert blog, we explain how you can ensure you always have the latest facts…
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Top of the iTunes Pops

iFootpath has hit a new milestone and we can’t resist sharing this good news. Several times over the course of the Easter week, we have hit Top of the iTunes Pops, becoming the Number One most popular Paid Travel App in the UK. We are really thrilled and want to thank everyone who has bought the App over the years, we couldn’t have grown this popular walking resource without you…
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On Track for a Car-Free Walk

It is always nice to hear suggestions from iFootpath walkers and it makes us even happier if it is something we can make a reality. Today we are launching a new search facility on the iFootpath website, allowing you to find all our walks that are accessible by train…
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How walking can help the NHS

More than 20 million UK adults are classified as physically inactive, increasing their risk of heart disease and costing the UK health service as much as £1.2billion each year according to a new report from the British Heart Foundation. This fascinating new report reveals variations on how active people are based on region and gender plus the impact this has on our health and the public purse…
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iFootpath Expert: What’s Behind a Banner?

By popular demand, this new series of blog articles aims to transform all iFootpath customers into iFootpath Experts; helping you to learn all the best tips and tricks for getting the most out of the iFootpath website and App.  This article explains the banners that appear on some of the iFootpath walks, what they are for and how to use them…
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International Day of Happiness: The Perfect Excuse for a Walk

Those of us who have already fallen in love with walking, don’t really need a reason to don our boots and hit the countryside trails. But just in case you are looking for an excuse, look no further than the UN’s International Day of Happiness. Action for Happiness has published 10 Keys to Happier Living, and walking will help you with many of them…

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How can you tell when Spring has Sprung?

March is such an exciting month. Every rural walk tells its own story of the early signs of spring, and we love seeing all your photos as you catch glimpses of these tell-tale signs. In late February, we had plenty of photos of snowdrops, catkins and even frog spawn. So how can we tell when spring has sprung and are times changing? Our friends at the Woodland Trust have some interesting insight…
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The length of our walking guides is given in miles and rounded to the nearest full mile (whole number) for simplicity. For short walks (of less than 2 miles) or walks that have a length that ends in .5, a more accurate walk length may be given in the first section of the walk introduction. For example, the Length in the header may be listed as 6 miles, and the introduction may confirm that the exact length of the walk is 5.5 miles. The walk length is calculated from the GPS file that was created by the walk author GPS tracking the walk whilst walking, using the iFootpath App GPS Tracker, meaning it is very accurate. Our bespoke tracker is particularly detailed and plots a walkers position about every 10 seconds. The tracker is calibrated to match two other reputable map and walking sources, Ordnance Survey and Nike. As with all standardised walk and map lengths, the distance does not take account of hills and slopes, just the distance you would measure using a piece of string on a flat map version of the terrain, so hilly walks will feel longer than stated. If you track the route using another GPS App or Tracker App or Fitness Device, you can expect the distance you record to be different due to different calibrations. This is particularly true of those Apps and devices that count your motion and steps – these can only guess the distance you have travelled with each step and so are much less accurate.

Grade (Boots)

The grade of a walk is an indicator of how difficult the terrain is that you will encounter along the way. This does not take into account the walk length but does suggest how challenging the walk will be. It takes into account things like hills, path surfaces and obstacles (like stiles, gates, steps and rock scrambles). An easy walk, graded as 1 (and shown as 1 Boot) indicates a walk that is essentially flat, has no sharp hills to climb, has no stiles, is easy to navigate (probably along a well-worn path) and is suitable for most levels of fitness. A difficult walk, graded as 5 (and represented by 5 Boots) indicates a walk that is strenuous and involves steep ascents and/or descents. It may be technically challenging involving difficult terrain or obstacles that require scrambling with your hands. Please note that the grading for walks is subjective and open to interpretation and should only be used as a guide when selecting a walk.

NOTE: Do be aware that the level of stamina required for any walk will vary depending on both the walk length and the difficulty grade - you should only walk within your limits.

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