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The iOS (Apple) App is available from iTunes. The Android App can be found on Google Play and Amazon.

From the iFootpath App menu tap the Store button. You will need internet access to see the walk Store and therefore you will need to be connected via WiFi or 3/4G. A list of all the published iFootpath walks will appear. You can use the Search feature to find walks by location, type, etc. To read more about a walk just tap the walk in the list. A new page appears giving you the walk overview. Use the ‘Download Walk’ button to add the walk to your Library. The details of this walk will now be stored locally on your device and can be accessed from the Library meaning you can follow the walk without needing internet access or phone signal.

We recommend that before starting a walk you tap the Refresh button for the walk in the Library. This will ensure that you have the latest version of teh walk on your device.

One you have the walk in the Library just tap Walk, to see and follow the route.


Yes, you can use the same account to login to the website and both the iOS and Android Apps. Some users find it easier to register on the website and then just login into the App.

No, I am sorry we do not have any plans at the moment to launch the iFootpath App for Windows or Blackberry devices. Unfortunalety the cost of developing an App for these operating systems would be too high given the projected number of users.

Printing the walks from the website is a good way to obtain great free walking guides with detailed turn-by-turn instructions. In addition some walks have a PDF leaflet that can be downloaded with a more detailed schematic map. However, we would advise that you buy our App for your iOS or Android device. Having the App available gives you a number of advantages including a live interactive map showing your exact location relative to the walk route, the ability to take walks with you where ever you go, an up-to-date list of all of the iFootpath walks (walks are added every week) and the ability to add comments, rate walks and add photographs to the walk gallery as you enjoy your day. You can also use the live map to see where you are in realtion to the walk start point when you are travelling to the walk area.

We are working on it!! All our walks are created by walking the route to capture the detailed directions, photos and live GPS map data. This is fairly time consuming but we know that the results are worth it. We have at least one walk in every mainland county in England, plus growing collections in Wales and Scotland. We add new walks to the site every week. Join our Facebook or Twitter communities to receive the information about the walks as they are added.

Yes, it would be great if you could publish a walk. Please visit the following user guides to read more about publishing walks on iFootpath.

Creating Walks with iFootpath

How to Create a Walk on iFootpath Video

Yes and no. The App will work outside of the UK and the walks can be downloaded to the App. It would also be possible to use the Tracker function to record a walk route and upload it to your account on the iFootpath website. However, we have no plans to publish full walking guides for areas outside of the UK at the moment.  If you would like to talk to us about developing a portfolio of walks outside of the UK please get in contact with us.

In short yes. The iFootpath App is available for sale on all iTunes and Google Play markets. However, you will need to check to make sure that your home country carrier has agreements with carriers in the UK and that you understand fully the charges for data that will be made. An alternative is to buy a new sim card in the UK, however some devices are locked and will not accept a sim card from another carrier. In addition we would suggest that you seek to download walks from the Store to the Library when connected to WiFi. When you are following an iFootpath walk the tracker works using a GPS signal which is not part of your data package and is free, however, the background maps do require a 3G, 4G or WiFi signal to download.

We have lots of overseas users that have bought the App and followed the waking guides whilst visiting Britain. 

The iFootpath iOS/Apple App has been created for us on an iPhone, however it can still be used on an iPad. 

To find the iFootpath App using your iPad, search using the word "iFootpath". You will probably get no results. Next, look for 'iPad only' in the top menu. Tap this and from the drop down menu choose 'iPhone only'. The iFootpath App will then be available.


If you have the same Android or Apple account on both devices then you only have to pay once. If you have separate accounts (either two Apple/Android accounts or a Google and an Apple account) then you have to buy the App twice - this is controlled by Google. Aamazon, Samsung and Apple, as they handle all App accounts and payments (this is the same for all paid Apps).

Either way you can (should) use the same iFootpath log in details for both Apps and the website so that your comments, gallery uploads etc are all for one account.

However, Apps on different devices do not talk to each other. So if you download a walk on to one App on one device it will not automatically be on the other App - you will have to download the walk again.

We are sorry of you are experiencing this problem. To fix the issue please logout and then back into the App. To do this you will need your Username and Password. If you have forgotton your Username please use Forgot Username and if you have forgotton your Password please use Reset Password (you will need your Username for this process). Please check your junk/spam email mailbox if you do nomt receiuve the Password reset email.

Once again apologies for the inconvenience.

Here are some steps that will help you get the file on your Garmin. Login to the website and then navogate to your chosen walk. The GPX file is in the top right - purple square and white arrow. It looks like this  - GPS download icon

​​1 - You need to save the iFootpath GPX file. If you right click on the file you may get a ‘Save As’ - if not and it opens in the browser you just need to go to Save File or Save Page as in your browser. (You can also copy and paste it into a text file)

​2 - Find the file on your computer and change the extension to .GPX - sometimes it will save as TXT or HTML It is the same file - you can open it as wordprocesser or text editor.

​3 - The file will probably not work in the Garmin (it may). But you can convert it using which is a great resource. Add the file and get it to output it to a GPX (the same) This will change a few parts of the file.

If you are not using the iFootpath App it would be great if you would consider supporting us  - please visit:



1 - Go to My Tracked Routes
​2 - Tap ‘Edit’ in the top right
​3 - then tap the red button next to the tracks that you would like to delet

Please note this is a permanent deletion unless you have uploaded the tracks to the iFootpath Server.

4 - Tap 'Done' top right when finished.


Screen shot iOS delete My Tracked Routes

Unfortunately, the iFootpath GPS tracker (like many other Apps GPS Trackers) does not always work well on Android devices. The problem occurs when the device/software switches off GPS and therefore the tracker is no longer recording the GPS location information. The Android device does this to save power. (This does not happen as far as we know with iOS/Apple devices so if you do get straight lines when tracking with an Apple devices please first check that you have Locations Services switched. If this does not fix the problem please contact iFootpath.)

We have some tips below that may help resolve the GPS tracker issues with Android.

The first thing to do is simply turn your phone completely off then on again. Also, flip location services off then back on. This will re-establish your phone's location services via the satellites. 

Ensure that your Android operating system and the iFootpath app are updated to the latest versions possible.

Please disable any battery saving functions for the iFootpath app as these will stop the GPS signal at some point when recording an activity. 

Be sure iFootpath is allowed to use your location. Settings > Apps > iFootpath > Permissions > Toggle Location ON. Be sure that you've allowed iFootpath to use GPS in the background

Check that your location settings are set to High accuracy. Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Location > Set to High Accuracy

Some tips for specific devices:

HTC: Access your phone settings > battery > power saving mode > battery optimization > select iFootpath > don't optimize > save
Huawei: Turn Energy Settings to Normal and add iFootpath to "Protected Apps"
LG If you're running Android 6 or higher: Settings > battery & power saving > battery usage > ignore optimizations > turn ON for iFootpath
Motorola: If you're running Android 6 or higher: Battery > select the menu in the upper right-hand corner > battery optimization > not optimized > all apps > select iFootpath > don't optimize
OnePlus: (using OxygenOS Settings): Battery > battery optimization > switch to 'all apps' > select iFootpath > don't optimize
Samsung: Access battery settings > app power saving > details > iFootpath> disabled
Sony: If you're running Android 6 or higher: Battery > from the menu in the upper right-hand corner > battery optimization > apps > iFootpath
Xiomi (MIUI OS): If you're running Android 6 or higher: Access your phone settings > additional settings > battery and performance > manage battery usage > apps > iFootpath


You may also like to look at  GPS Status & Toolbox  This app can be used to clear all cached GPS data which may help.

There is not an easy way to send a walk to a friend via the App. We have been asked this a couple of times recently and we do not have a solution yet.

There is a workaround that may help, using the website.

In short, you send the URL of the walk to your friend and then they add it to their Favourites. The walk will then appear in their Favourites on their App

Here is an outline process:

1 - On the App mark the walk as a Favourite via the chosen walk overview page.

2 - Login to your account on the website and go to My Favourites to find the walk.

3 - Open the walk and either copy the URL address of the walk or share buttons at the top of the left hand column (side bar). Blue icon with a (+). Send the URL to your friend.

4 - Ask your friend to login to the website and then click on the URL.

5 - Your friend should now click on the 'Heart' icon top right of the walk page to add it to their Favourites.

6 - Your friend should then open the App and navigate to My Favourites in the main menu.

The walk will then be available - but must be downloaded to the Library

The following URL provides some further information about My Favourites and My Completed walks.

First thing to say is don't worry and don't get too frustrated we will get you back up an running.  Both the website and the app have a process for recovering your username and or password. Please Forgot Password  or Forgot Username. If you are still having trouble then just use the contact us form and let us know what the problem is. We can usually find you in the database from your email address and then we can help you through the process.  Your password will always remain encrypted and we cannot tell you what it is, we can only help you reset it.

We ask you to create a username so that you can use the full facilities of iFootpath and your email address is kept confidential from other users of iFootpath. If you post in our forum, leave a comment on a walk or publish a walk then your username will be used rather than your email address. This will save unwelcome emails.

We suggest that you use a username that you will remember (for login purposes) but not your full name.  

By having user accounts where peole log into the website and App, we can ensure that everyone gets the best user experience. Customers can download their favourite walks to the App, leave comments/ratings/updates and also track and upload their own walking routes. We don't ask for many details, just a username, email address and password.

There are two main reasons for getting an error when registering via the App

1 - You are not connected to the internet via WiFi or 3/4G

2 - The username that you have entered is already in use by someone else. Please try and use a unique Username  - for example, please add some numbers to the start or end of the Username.

We have also created a video  - Registering using the iFootpath App

If you are still having problems then please email us via Contact Us 


If you do not get any emails from us it may be that emails are being routed to your Junk/spam email mailbox. It would be great of you could check. 


If you are a Virgine Media or ntlworld user it may be that all emails from iFootpath are being blocked. From time to time email addresses and returned to us. Unfortunately there is little we can do about and  it is a result of the employment of over zealous spam filters. You may be able to add all emails from to your whitelist.  

The routes you have tracked using the iFootpath App Tracker, once saved, appear in a list in the ‘My Tracked Routes’ section of the App which is accessed from the App menu. You can tap the name of the track to view it on your device. Tap on the arrow symbol alongside the route name to upload the route to the website (internet connection required for this). Once uploaded, you can find the route by logging in to and then going to the ‘My GPX Files’ page from the left hand menu. Here you can view/edit the route and then convert it to a draft walk.

No you don't. The App holds the route description on your iOS or Android device so as long as you download the walk on to your device when you have an ineternet connection then you will have the route information with you whether there is a mobile phone signal or not.

Also, the GPS tracker does not use the phone signal to pinpoint your location whether following a walk or tracking a walk. The tracker works using a satellite navigation system and therefore as long as you are in the open it will work. GPS will not work in buildings, under bridges or in caves for example. Sometimes the signal can be lost if under a dense canopy of trees or in a valley but this is rare. The tracker will also work if you carry your phone in a pocket. However the App does need a phone signal to download the map. If this is not available then you will still see the route track in red on your phone and a blue dot showing your location. The map background will download automatically when you have a signal.

From the iFootpath App menu tap the Store button. You will need internet access to see the walk store so it is best to do this when you have access to WiFi, 3G OR 4G. A list of all the published iFootpath walks will appear. You can use the buttons to re-order the list by name, by distance from your current location or by customer rating. You can also search for a walk using a key word and view the walks on a map. Use the ‘Download’ button to add the walk to your Library. The details of this walk will now be stored locally on your device and can be accessed from the Library meaning you can follow the walk without needing internet access or phone signal.

The best way to print the walks from the website is to create an account and log in. This will unlock the full features of the website and is done through a simple registration process. The printer icon will then be visible at the top right of the walk description. Some walks also have a leaflet version of the walk that you can dpownload and print. If this is available you will see a PDF icon and the words 'Download the PDF Click here'.

We have created a full guide to printing iFootpath digital walking guides - iFootpath Expert: To Print or Not to PrintiFootpath Expert: To Print or Not to Print

A walking holiday whether it is a few days or a longer break is a great way to get away from it all and good for mind, body and soul. To find local accommodation to the walks that you have found on look for the links at the bottom of each walk. When you click on the link it will take you to a range of accommodation in that area form cosy B&Bs to larger guest houses, hotels and even YHA accommodation.

We also have a new Accommodation Directory which has a growing list of cottages, B&Bs and hotels across the country.


Look out for these icons on every walk page...

Screen_Shot_20170814_at_132840 FAQs to Help get the most from iFootpath

The Boot symbols denote the grade of a walk is an indicator of how difficult it is to walk. This does not take into account the walk length but does suggest how challenging the walk will be. An easy walk, graded as 1 (and shown as 1 walking boot) indicates a walk that is essentially flat, has no sharp hills to climb, has no stiles or other obstacles, is easy to navigate (probably along a well worn path) and is suitable for most levels of fitness. Do be aware that the level of stamina required will vary and you should only walk within your limits - the indication of walk length will help with this. A difficult walk, graded as 5 (and represented by 5 boots) indicates a walk that is strenuous and involves steep ascents and/or descents. It may be technically challenging involving difficult terrain or obstacles.

Please note that the grading for walks is subjective and open to interpretation and should only be used as a guide when selecting a walk.

Just login using your Username (not your email address) and Password and then navigate to your chosen walk. You will see 2 printer icons in the top right of the walk page.  The Green one usually prints best. Then scroll down the page until you get to the Map. Click on 'View Larger Map' and then click the printer icon to print the Map

Screen Shot of printer icons


Some walks also have PDF leaflets to print. These are the walks tat have been sponsored. Just look for the PDF symbol.

Screen Shot PDF icon

All iFootpath walk lengths are measured by the author using a GPS tracker while walking the route (the tracker is calibrated against Ordnance Survey and Nike). We then round to the nearest mile for simplicity. Other phone-based tracking apps will vary on the lengths they clock, especially fitness apps based on steps or activity, depending on the calibration they use. These measure the amount of movement you make, rather than an accurate GPS walk length. 


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Get up top date with the latest Tips and Tracks with the iFootpath Expert Series

Yes of course, it would be great if you would link to our website. Remember though that all our walks are copyright to the authors so you are not permitted to copy the content, only to link to it. We have provided some help with how to provide links including linking to walks nearby found through a postcode search. You can find this information here>>

There are several ways to support iFootpath:

  • Add walk comments and photos to the gallery for each iFootpath walk. You can do this via the App or website. 
  • Add an App review via one of the Appstores
  • Link to the iFootpath website from your website if you have one.
  • Link to iFootpath via social media.
  • Consider making a contribution to iFootpath  - Support iFootpath

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