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Stepping Out: On Lincoln Edge

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Stepping Out: On Lincoln Edge
Author: CountrysideNK, Published: 22 Feb 2018 Walk Rating:star1 Stepping Out: On Lincoln Edgestar1 Stepping Out: On Lincoln Edgestar0 Stepping Out: On Lincoln Edgestar0 Stepping Out: On Lincoln Edgestar0 Stepping Out: On Lincoln Edge
Lincolnshire, Lincoln
Walk Type: River or lakeside
Stepping Out: On Lincoln Edge
Length: 6 miles,  Difficulty: boot Stepping Out: On Lincoln Edge boot Stepping Out: On Lincoln Edge boot Stepping Out: On Lincoln Edge
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pdf Stepping Out: On Lincoln Edge
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A circular walk of just less than 6 miles (10km) from the village of Bracebridge Heath, near Lincoln in Lincolnshire. The walk takes you along the ridge of Lincoln Edge and part of the Viking Way, with fine views over the Witham and Trent Valleys, before descending to follow a long stretch of riverside path along the River Witham. This walk is part of the Stepping Out network, published through a collaboration between iFootpath and North Kesteven District Council to inspire more people to enjoy the district’s landscapes, ancient woodland, historic buildings and charming villages.

The walk has several gradients along the way, including a fairly steep climb back onto Lincoln Edge. It follows a mixture of field edge paths, grass hillside paths, grass riverbanks and roadside pavements; some stretches can be muddy (and slippery) after periods of rain or in the winter. There are no stiles on route, but you will need to negotiate one kissing gate and a bridle gate. You will not be sharing the any of the paths with livestock. Please remember the Countryside Code. Some paths are provided by kind permission of the landowner, please only use the waymarked paths. Where young stock may be present, please make sure your dog is under firm control in these areas. OS Map Explorer 272. Allow 3 hours.

Nearby places of interest include the Natural World Centre (at Whisby Nature Park) and Hill Holt Wood. If you are looking for refreshments, there are several pubs within Bracebridge Heath.

The village of Bracebridge Heath is located 2 miles south of the city of Lincoln, on the A15. The walk starts and finishes at the Village Hall car park on Red Hall Farm Lane. Approximate post code LN4 2LB. If you are coming by public transport, there are bus stops on the A15 in Bracebridge Heath near the start of the walk, or there is a bus stop outside All Saints Church (Waypoint 4) on Brant Road in Bracebridge. For information on bus transport, call Traveline on 0871 2002233 or visit

Walk Sections

Start to Viking Way
Start to Viking Way

Start point: 53.1967 lat, -0.5359 long
End point: 53.1963 lat, -0.5423 long

Standing at the car park entrance with your back to the village hall, turn left to continue along Red Hall Farm Lane, passing the primary school playing fields on your left. At the end of the playing fields, ignore the footpaths signed each side, instead keep ahead along the lane (signed as a public bridleway). At the end of the lane, continue ahead on the concrete path between fences, signed as the bridleway.

You will emerge out to another residential road. Turn right along the road to reach the grass turning circle and then cross this circle at about 11 o’clock, picking up the continuation of the enclosed bridleway at the far side. Pass through the bridle gate ahead and continue straight ahead on the grass path for a few metres, where you will see a fingerpost ahead. This marks the junction with the public footpath known as the Viking Way. You are now standing on the brow of Lincoln Edge, so take a moment to enjoy the far-reaching views ahead across the Witham and Trent valleys.

Viking Way to Hollywell Road
Viking Way to Hollywell Road

Start point: 53.1963 lat, -0.5423 long
End point: 53.1845 lat, -0.5538 long

Turn left at the junction, soon passing through (or alongside) a metal kissing gate and continuing with a hedgerow on your right and an open crop field with houses beyond on your left. You are now following a short stretch of the Viking Way, a 147-mile long distance path which runs between Barton on Humber and Oakham. The route was chosen to reflect the influence of Scandinavian settlers in eastern England from the 800s onwards.

Just before the houses (across to your left) end, you will see a permissive footpath signed to the left. Do NOT take this, instead stay ahead on the field-edge path for around 350 metres further (beyond the houses to your left), to a small dip in your path where there is a fingerpost in the hedge on your right. Keep your eyes peeled for this fingerpost as it could be easy to miss.

Turn right here onto the signed public bridleway. Follow the grass path leading you steadily downhill through the rough grass hillside, with the remains of a fence on your right. At the bottom of the slope, keep ahead on the bridleway, now with a ditch running on your right and crop fields each side. At the end of this bridleway, you will emerge out to a junction with a residential road, Hollywell Road.

Hollywell Road to River Witham
Hollywell Road to River Witham

Start point: 53.1845 lat, -0.5538 long
End point: 53.1793 lat, -0.5699 long

Cross over the road and go straight ahead on the grass path between fences, a continuation of the public bridleway. Cross over another small road and keep ahead to reach a junction with the main road, Brant Road. Cross over to the far pavement with care and turn left along this.

Follow the pavement alongside Brant Road for some distance. Immediately after the last house on the right, turn right onto a grass track (signed as a restricted byway). At the end of this byway, you will come to a junction with the River Witham directly ahead.

River Witham to All Saints Church
River Witham to All Saints Church

Start point: 53.1793 lat, -0.5699 long
End point: 53.1996 lat, -0.5533 long

Do NOT cross the river footbridge, instead turn right to follow the riverbank path with the river running on your left. You will be following this riverside path for the next 3km, a good time to explore the history of the River Witham.

During the Roman period, the river basin underwent dredging, the addition of lock and sluice gates and the clearance of woodland upstream which raised water levels. As the Empire imploded and contact was lost with Rome in about 410, the following 500 years saw a lack of channel maintenance leading to accumulations of peaty deposits. Archaeologists have found evidence to suggest that is wasn’t until the beginning of the 900s that the River Witham was cleared for commercial river traffic. By the Middle Ages, the navigable Witham between Lincoln and Boston linked the city to the channel ports of Flanders and France. In 1762, the Witham Act was passed in parliament which included the widening and deepening of the river from the High Bridge in Lincoln to Chapel Hill. At the same time, a sluice gate was built in Boston, effectively turning the Witham into a main drain for the surrounding lowlands and preparing the way for fen drainage and the agricultural landscape we see today.

After 3km you will be approaching Newark Road Bridge. Just a few metres before you reach Newark Road Bridge ahead, turn right onto a small path through the trees and then turn right again to join a tarmac cycleway, passing Bracebridge Hall Fishponds on your right. As you reach the start of an open grass area, turn left onto a tarmac path between houses. Keep ahead, crossing over a small residential road, to emerge to a junction with Brant Road with All Saints Church directly opposite.

All Saints Church to End
All Saints Church to End

Start point: 53.1996 lat, -0.5533 long
End point: 53.1968 lat, -0.5359 long

Cross over Brant Road with care and walk ahead along Manse Avenue, passing All Saints Church on your right. At the end of the road, keep ahead on the tarmac track to reach the start of open countryside. Follow the footpath directly ahead, initially climbing gently between crop fields and then climbing more steeply, directly ahead up a rough grass hillside. It is worth pausing part way up, both to catch your breath but also to enjoy the views that are opening up behind.

At the top of the hill, enter the hedgerow ahead and then turn right to follow the footpath which runs through this hedgerow (with a road and properties running just to your left). You are now following a section of the Viking Way once again. Pass alongside a disused kissing gate and continue on the grass footpath which leads you along a contour of the hillside, with the valley views on your right.

Stay with the path as it winds ahead, leading you down to cross a tiny stream via a boardwalk and then climbing steeply to reach a path junction (which you should recognise from the outward leg). From this point you will be retracing your steps back to the car park. Turn left and follow the path through a bridle gate and out to the road by the grass turning circle. Cross the circle and, a few metres later, turn left onto the signed public bridleway. You will emerge to the end of Red Hall Farm Lane. Keep ahead along this and it will lead you back to the car park on your right where the walk began.

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2 Comments for: "Stepping Out: On Lincoln Edge"

Lots of litter including broken glass and too urban a walk for me. Also very muddy.

By parker1987 on 30 Mar 2018

Lots of wildlife along the route.

By Richard on 23 Feb 2018

The information in this guide has been provided in good faith and is intended only as a guide, not a statement of fact. You are advised to check the accuracy of the information provided and should not use this guide for navigational directions nor should you rely on the accuracy of the weather forecast. You are advised to take appropriate clothing, footwear, equipment and navigational materials with you according to the current and possible weather and nature of the terrain. Always follow the country code and follow any additional warnings or instructions that may be available. Some walks may be very strenuous and you are advised to seek medical advice if you have any doubts as to your capability to complete the walk.

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