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Stepping Out: Welbourn Parish

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Stepping Out: Welbourn Parish
Author: CountrysideNK, Published: 23 Feb 2018 Walk Rating:star1 Stepping Out: Welbourn Parishstar1 Stepping Out: Welbourn Parishstar1 Stepping Out: Welbourn Parishstar1 Stepping Out: Welbourn Parishstar1 Stepping Out: Welbourn Parish
Lincolnshire, Welbourn
Walk Type: Footpaths and byways
Stepping Out: Welbourn Parish
Length: 6 miles,  Difficulty: boot Stepping Out: Welbourn Parish boot Stepping Out: Welbourn Parish
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pdf Stepping Out: Welbourn Parish
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A 6 mile (10km) circular walk from the village of Welbourn in Lincolnshire. The walking route heads out into the limestone grasslands and fields to the north west, with peaceful tracks and open views, before returning along a stretch of the old railway line. This walk is part of the Stepping Out network, published through a collaboration between iFootpath and North Kesteven District Council to inspire more people to enjoy the district’s landscapes, ancient woodland, historic buildings and charming villages.

The walk has several gentle gradients throughout and there are also a few steeper slopes to access the old railway embankment. The paths include roadside pavements, field edge tracks, country lanes and one cross-field path, with some stretches that can be muddy and slippery in winter and after rain. There are no stiles or livestock on route, you will only need to negotiate one kissing gate and several footbridges. Please remember the Countryside Code. Some paths are provided by kind permission of the landowner, please only use the waymarked paths. Where young stock may be present, please make sure your dog is under firm control in these areas. OS Map Explorer 272. Allow 3 hours.

Nearby places of interest include Welbourn Forge which houses exhibits of photographs and memorabilia. If you are looking for refreshments, The Joiners Arms is located on High Street in Welbourn, just a few metres off the walking route.

Welbourn village is located on the A607, about 8 miles north-west of Sleaford. The walk starts and finishes from the village hall car park on Beck Street. The post code for Beck Street is LN5 0LZ, then head to the northern end of Beck Street and you will find the village hall and car park on your right, immediately after the duck pond. If you are coming by public transport, there are bus stops on Beck Street (the Old Rectory Green stops), alongside the start point.

Walk Sections

Start to Primary School
Start to Primary School

Start point: 53.0768 lat, -0.5554 long
End point: 53.0767 lat, -0.5583 long

Leave the car park via the vehicle entrance, cross over to the far pavement with care and turn right along this. Follow this pavement as it swings steadily left, passing the grass triangle called Old Rectory Green (with an artwork sculpture) on your right. Through the railings to your left, you will see the old moat and earthworks of Welbourn Castle, a former Norman fortification.

Where the road bends left again (alongside North End), you are forced to swap to the right-hand pavement, still with the site of Welbourn Castle on your left. Continue ahead along the right-hand pavement, now leading you between houses on the village High Street. As you pass the primary school on your right, take time to notice the beautiful mosaic artworks set within the front garden.

Primary School to Reservoir
Primary School to Reservoir

Start point: 53.0767 lat, -0.5583 long
End point: 53.0815 lat, -0.5665 long

Immediately after the school, turn right onto the signed public footpath, a stone track leading you alongside the school. As you reach property gates ahead, turn left to follow the narrow, enclosed path which soon bends right then emerges through a kissing gate to reach the corner of a crop field.

Turn right to follow the field edge path with a fence and hedgerow running on your right. At the end of the field, keep ahead under the arch of an old railway bridge and you will emerge to a path T-junction with a crop field ahead. Turn right to follow the field edge path, with the open crop field on your left. At the field corner, continue on the grass path which turns left. At the next field corner, you will reach a fingerpost, with the grass banks of a reservoir visible ahead and to your right.

Reservoir to Dycote Lane
Reservoir to Dycote Lane

Start point: 53.0815 lat, -0.5665 long
End point: 53.0841 lat, -0.591 long

Turn right to continue with the reservoir banks on your left. Stay with this path as it bends left at the reservoir corner, continuing with first the reservoir on your left and later a fenced field and then an open field on your left. At the field corner, go ahead through the hedge gap (past an old stile) to reach a junction of tracks.

Go straight ahead to follow the farm track with a drainage ditch running on your right. This track follows the line of the ditch, leading you ahead, bearing right and then bending left. Continue until you reach a large wooden footbridge on your right. Turn right to cross this and, at the far side, turn left to continue on a grass track (with the ditch now running on your left). Continue only as far as an embankment bridge across the ditch on your left, where you will see a waymarker post.

Standing at this post (with your back to the track from which you approached), walk diagonally left (at 10 o’clock), crossing the embankment bridge and then crossing the crop field, heading for the middle of the tall copse of trees visible in the distance. NOTE: If this cross-field path is impassable due to ploughing or crops, you may need to follow the left-hand field boundary to reach this tree copse instead. As you reach the copse, cross the footbridge and you will emerge to a junction with a country lane, Dycote Lane.

Dycote Lane to Fox Covert Cottage
Dycote Lane to Fox Covert Cottage

Start point: 53.0841 lat, -0.591 long
End point: 53.0738 lat, -0.5906 long

At this point you have an option to take a short-cut (reducing the walk to 4.5 miles) should you wish. To take this short-cut, turn left along the lane for about 100 metres and then turn left to join a waymarked track. Follow the waymarked path winding its way back to Welbourn village.

For the full walk, bear right to follow the country lane (this stretch being called Broach Road), a pleasant green lane bounded by horse chestnut trees and hawthorn. Horse chestnut trees (also known as conker trees) are native to northern Greece. They were introduced into Britain from Turkey in the 1600s.

Follow Broach Road for around 0.75 miles until, as the road bends to the right, you see a fingerpost and gap in the hedge on your left. Turn left through the hedge gap and then left again to follow the field edge track, with a hedgerow running on your left. Barn Owls are still a common sight on these limestone fields, their ghostly white forms are often seen flitting along hedgerows hunting for voles.

Follow this track along the length of two fields and then passing a single property (Fox Covert Cottage) on your right, which is set behind a row of tall conifers.

Fox Covert Cottage to Old Railway
Fox Covert Cottage to Old Railway

Start point: 53.0738 lat, -0.5906 long
End point: 53.0682 lat, -0.5698 long

Immediately after the cottage, follow the stone vehicle track which swings left, with a hedgerow running on your left. At the end of this first field, where the stone track dog-legs through the hedge, do NOT follow this, instead turn right, staying in the same field and following a grass track with a hedge on your left.

In the field corner, pass through the hedge gap to reach a T-junction with a grass track. Turn right here, following the edge of this second crop field (with the hedgerow on your right). In the field corner, stay with the path as it turns left, now with a drainage ditch on your right. In the next corner, you will see a fingerpost and footbridge ahead.

Cross the footbridge to enter a third field and walk straight ahead with the ditch still running on your right. In the field corner, turn left (staying in this third field) and, at the far side, exit the field via the sleeper bridge ahead. Turn right along the edge of this fourth field, with a hedgerow running on your right. At the end of the field, you will see a fingerpost on your right with properties ahead. Turn left and then take the right-hand of the two available grass tracks, an embankment path which runs along the line of the old railway.

Old Railway to End
Old Railway to End

Start point: 53.0682 lat, -0.5698 long
End point: 53.077 lat, -0.5556 long

Follow this beautiful old railway path ahead. There are still signs of the path’s former life, including the stone-covered slopes each side and the walls that once formed rail bridges. This is part of the railway line that once ran between Lincoln and Grantham, although the nearest station was at Leadenham.

The old railway path eventually leads you over the top of Dycote Lane and later descends to reach a junction with a tarmac farm track. Turn left for a few paces and then immediately right up a grass slope, to rejoin the old railway embankment path. After just 100 metres, the path swings left leading you down to a fingerpost which you should recognise from the outward leg. From this point you will be retracing your steps back to the car park.

Turn right and follow the path under the railway arch and continuing along the left-hand edge of the crop field. In the field corner, turn left through the gate and follow the enclosed path leading you back out to the village road. If you are looking for refreshments, The Joiners Arms is just a little way along the High Street to your right. Otherwise, turn left along the pavement and follow the village roads bending right and right again beside the old castle. You will reach the car park on your left where the walk began.

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Text and images for this walk are Copyright © 2018 by iFootpath and the author countrysideNK and may not be reproduced without permission.

The information in this guide has been provided in good faith and is intended only as a guide, not a statement of fact. You are advised to check the accuracy of the information provided and should not use this guide for navigational directions nor should you rely on the accuracy of the weather forecast. You are advised to take appropriate clothing, footwear, equipment and navigational materials with you according to the current and possible weather and nature of the terrain. Always follow the country code and follow any additional warnings or instructions that may be available. Some walks may be very strenuous and you are advised to seek medical advice if you have any doubts as to your capability to complete the walk.

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