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Bobbington Round

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Bobbington Round
Author: DJHampton, Published: 26 Oct 2012 Walk Rating:star1 Bobbington Round Walking Guide star1 Bobbington Round Walking Guide star0 Bobbington Round Walking Guide star0 Bobbington Round Walking Guide star0 Bobbington Round Walking Guide
Walk Type: Footpaths and byways
Bobbington Round
Length: 4 miles,  Difficulty: boot Bobbington Round Walking Guide boot Bobbington Round Walking Guide boot Bobbington Round Walking Guide
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A reasonably level four mile walk through South Staffordshire farmland.

NOTE: The paths on this walk can be very overgrown in the height of the summer growing season and this may lead to the early part of the route being impassible so the walk is best reserved for other times of the year. In many places the undergrowth is thick so long trousers are recommended, but several farmers have left very broad and well maintained headlands along field edges and these are towards the end of the walk so the hard going is near the start.

There are quite a lot of stiles, some of which are a bit unstable, but this is a little trodden route, which makes it all the more of an adventure. There are both cows and sheep on the route, but usually in adjacent fields.

I usually park in the residential areas of Bobbington when I do this walk, but the Red Lion has a large car park, is easy to find and would probably be happy for walkers to use it as long as they call in before or after the walk. The post code for the Red Lion is DY7 5DU.

OS Explorer map 219
OS reference SJ809905

Walk Sections

Start to Broadfields Farm
Start to Broadfields Farm

Start point: 52.5117 lat, -2.2851 long
End point: 52.5024 lat, -2.2803 long

I'm going to start this walk from the Red Lion because it is the most appropriate and easily found place in Bobbington. Leave the car park and turn right and walk 150 metres until you see a post box on the left hand side of the road. As you approach the post box there is a public footpath sign on the right hand side indicating the start of the walk.

The path, which is grassy under foot, takes you past village gardens to a field. This path is well trodden and very straight, hugging the left hand side of the field with lovely views across this agricultural landscape towards Kinver Edge.

At the end of the field, the path continues across the centre of the next field and then into a third field. The signs on the post are a little confusing, but you need to continue into the field on the left and hug its right hand edge, passing several large oaks until you reach Broadfields Farm.

Broadfields Farm to Crossroads near Hay Farm
Broadfields Farm to Crossroads near Hay Farm

Start point: 52.5024 lat, -2.2803 long
End point: 52.4954 lat, -2.2908 long

Once at Broadfields Farm the path turns right along the right hand side of the field. This is an untidy sort of area, but look out for Great Spotted Woodpeckers which can often be seen flying between the small clumps of woods and some of the larger trees. In the corner of the field is a stream. You need to cross the stream by the bridge and head into the field beyond. (NOTE: As the path is little used, the footbridge may not be easy to find in the height of summer, but the bridge was renewed by the landowner in late 2017, so access is much easier than before).

On the other side of the stream is a stile over which you emerge into a field. Turn left so that the hedgerow is to your left and walk along the field for about one hundred metres, until you meet another field on your left. The stile into this field can be quite difficult to find. There is an oak tree here and at its base is a steel girder stuck into the ground and covered with ivy. The stile, which is often overgrown is next to it.

Cross the stile into the next field and follow the field edge round to the left until you come to the corner of the field where there is an opening into the next field. Go through the opening and immediately turn right into a very overgrown track. It is not easy to miss this track as it is about five metres wide and, although it looks almost impenetrable, is just a little hard going but relatively short in length. A bit of care is needed as there is a fairly deep ditch to your right so keep to the middle of the track.

At the top of the track you arrive at a crossroads with Hay Farm to your left.

Crossroads near Hay Farm to Salter's Park Farm
Crossroads near Hay Farm to Salter's Park Farm

Start point: 52.4954 lat, -2.2908 long
End point: 52.5009 lat, -2.2725 long

At the crossroads you can see Hay Farm to your left. Again, on your left is a track that goes towards the farm. If you face down this track you will see, immediately to your left a field and the path now goes diagonally across this field where, in the far right hand corner, is a very old steel gate. Make your way across the field with views of Dudley ahead of you and through the gate into another green lane.

On the green lane, turn left and follow the lane to the end and then continue up the left hand side of the field which the green lane leads you into. At the field end the path takes you diagonally across the next field to a very well maintained stile in the far right hand corner. As with all parts of this area of South Staffordshire, buzzards are almost omnipresent.

Cross over the well maintained stile and follow the path for fifty metres or so up hill. The path then takes you around the left hand side of a small wood until it comes to a crossroads of paths with a stile to the right.

The track we want lies straight ahead and continues along the right hand side of the field. (However, if you wish, you may turn left and make your away across the field to a small collection of trees, along the left hand side of the next field, through the farm and back along the track that you first trod earlier, to Bobbington.)

To continue this walk carry on walking down the right hand side of the field until you come to Lutley Lane and Salter's Park Farm.

Salter's Park Farm to End
Salter's Park Farm to End

Start point: 52.5009 lat, -2.2725 long
End point: 52.5116 lat, -2.2858 long

Once over the stile onto Lutley Lane turn right and then immediately left over another stile and onto the indicated public footpath that runs between the farm buildings and the small wood to your right.

The path is narrow and hemmed in to start with and then opens up over a small footbridge into the wood. Follow the path through the wood past some farm buildings on the left, over a stile and into a field. Over the stile turn right and follow the field's right hand edge with the wood, Mere Copse, to your right. At the end of the field is a stile through a very small copse and into another field over another stile. As you walk through this field look left and there is a good view of Abbot's Castle Ridge, known locally as Tinker's Castle Ridge. Cross over another stile into a field with views of Dudley to the right and further round to the right, Kinver Edge.

We are now near Halfpenny Green Airport with lots of aeroplanes taking off and landing and over to our left is the imposing Leaton Hall, which looks stunning when the sun is out and beaming off its white walls. As the hall disappears behind you, you will pass a small wood on the left and at the end of the wood you must walk down the right hand side of the next field until you reach some metal gates and a stile.

At this gate is a sign post saying Bobbington and pointing across the field to your left. The path heads for an internal corner of the field opposite, on a compass bearing of 284 degrees, but is well trodden. Once across the field follow the left hand side field edge to a road by some cottages. Turn right on the road for about twenty metres and then cross over the road and turn left into the field where the footpath sign indicates. Follow the path along the left hand side of the field into Bobbington.

At the end of the field is a stile over which there is another field and the houses of Bobbington are now visible. At the back of the houses the path goes round to the left over another stile and between the houses along an alley to the road where the path emerges between houses number 79 and 81.

Your journey is now complete, all bar the walk back to where you have parked.

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Text and images for this walk are Copyright © 2012 by iFootpath and the author djhampton and may not be reproduced without permission.

5 Comments for: "Bobbington Round"

This is one of our regular walks as we live locally. As of winter 2017 the landowner has now created a permanent bridge over the brook so is much easier to access!

ADMIN RESPONSE: Many thanks for letting us know, we have updated to guide.

By saraw56 on 14 Jan 2018

Just done this walk April 2016. There were no problems with any overgrown undergrowth or brambles. However the footbridge just after Broadfields Farm now seems to have collapsed altogether! You have to make your way across the stream using planks of wood and fallen trees that have been placed by previous walkers I imagine, but it is possible and will not stop you passing. Also a little further on when going into the field next to the steel girder/drum the stile seems to have gone totally so don't bother to look for that!

A nice secluded walk though.

By IanA on 30 Apr 2016

Hi, Good news, the area I mentioned back in July 2013 appears to have has a good trim, and although it's rough and muddy by the small bridge you can make your way through OK now. Thought I would let you know!

By MattCharles on 12 Oct 2015

Thanks for the feedback on this route Matt - we really appreciate people giving us updates for the walks. I notice the walk author had already included descriptions like 'thick undergrowth', 'little trodden' and 'hard-going' so I've increased the walk difficulty to Grade 3 and also added a note at the beginning to make it clear that the undergrowth can become impassible at the height of the growing season. We've found similar undergrowth problems on several other footpaths recently, so clearly Summer 2013 is a good year for nettles and brambles!! I hope you've found some of the other iFootpath walks more enjoyable this summer. Many thanks for your support.

By Administrator on 18 Jul 2013

Hi, I have tried to undertake this walk. There is a problem during the early steps of the walk, in that when you reach Broadfields Farm you must turn right along a field edge and cross a bridge over a stream. The track here is very rough and the bridge appears to be right in the corner, as described in the walk. However upon crossing the bridge you are presented with barbed wire and a great deal of spikey undergrowth! From this point you are unable to continue - peering through the trees and brambles it also appears the next section - if you could get it it, is tremendously overgrown. This unfortunately leaves you stuck... I have had a good wander around and there does not seem to be another way to enter the field mentioned in the walk. I think the website should be updated, as it is a little disappointing! :(

By MattCharles on 17 Jul 2013

The information in this guide has been provided in good faith and is intended only as a guide, not a statement of fact. You are advised to check the accuracy of the information provided and should not use this guide for navigational directions nor should you rely on the accuracy of the weather forecast. You are advised to take appropriate clothing, footwear, equipment and navigational materials with you according to the current and possible weather and nature of the terrain. Always follow the country code and follow any additional warnings or instructions that may be available. Some walks may be very strenuous and you are advised to seek medical advice if you have any doubts as to your capability to complete the walk.

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