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Bramshill Forest and Eversley

There are currently 3 comments and 3 photos online for this walk.

Bramshill Forest and Eversley
Author: Claire, Published: 11 Jul 2013 Walk Rating:star1 Bramshill Forest and Eversley Walking Guide star1 Bramshill Forest and Eversley Walking Guide star1 Bramshill Forest and Eversley Walking Guide star1 Bramshill Forest and Eversley Walking Guide star0 Bramshill Forest and Eversley Walking Guide
Hampshire, Eversley
Walk Type: Footpaths and byways
Bramshill Forest and Eversley
Length: 8 miles,  Difficulty: boot Bramshill Forest and Eversley Walking Guide boot Bramshill Forest and Eversley Walking Guide
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An 8 mile circular walk starting in Bramshill Forest and taking in the local woodland, paddocks, riverside paths and the pretty village of Eversley. The route gives a lovely mix of environments and you’ll see plenty of wildlife including butterflies, damselflies, birds, deer and horses (the latter not being wild of course!). There are several pubs within Eversley that you pass by if you want refreshments on the way round.

The route is relatively flat with just a few gentle gradients. Some of the paths can be quite overgrown, muddy and narrow at certain times of the year so good waterproof boots and protective clothing for arms and legs (unless you’re immune to gorse and nettles!) are recommended. The walk passes through narrow paths within Bramshill Forest (where you may come across adders) and several paddocks containing horses so take particular care with dogs at these points. There are several kissing gates on route plus three stiles – all of these have wooden fence surrounds which were certainly open enough for our standard poodle to fit through. Approximate time 3 to 4 hours.

Bramshill Forest can be found a few miles east of the A33 about half way between Reading and Basingstoke. The walk starts from the small stone car park for Bramshill Forest which can be found on Bramshill Road, about half way between the junction with St Neot’s Road and the junction with Plough Lane. Approximate post code RG27 0RF.

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Walk Sections

Start to Forest Pond
Start to Forest Pond

Start point: 51.3458 lat, -0.9097 long
End point: 51.353 lat, -0.9178 long

Leave through the back of the car park via the wood-sided gap in the embankment. After just a few paces merge left onto the path and follow it as it swings right. Keep ahead for just a few yards and then take the first path on the left.

You will eventually emerge to a T-junction with a wide tarmac access road within the forest. Turn right along the access lane and follow it as it swings left. At the next junction, again stay on the main concrete access lane, this time swinging right. The banks of the small ditch on the right are smothered with beautiful wild flowers throughout the summer.

Follow the long straight path for some distance until you meet the next major junction. Leave the main track (which swings right) and take the wide stone track which forks left. A few paces in you’ll come to a large forest pond on the left, home to beautiful water lilies and damselflies in the summer.

Forest Pond to Ford
Forest Pond to Ford

Start point: 51.353 lat, -0.9178 long
End point: 51.3595 lat, -0.9074 long

(NOTE: You may find that some of the staggered wooden barriers mentioned within this section have been removed due to forestry works). With the pond on your left, turn right onto the footpath through a staggered wooden barrier. Follow the narrow dirt path as it passes between gorse bushes and trees. Keep ahead over a wide track via a pair of wooden staggered barriers and at the next junction, keep right then left on the footpath signed with a yellow arrow.

It you glance through the trees to the right you’ll see reeds, a giveaway that another large lake is just beyond. Keep ahead for some distance, crossing the next two wide forest tracks via pairs of staggered barriers. You’ll emerge through the next staggered barrier to reach the next track. Take the footbridge opposite and continue through the woodland and across two more small bridges to reach a track at the forest edge.

Turn left passing alongside a metal vehicle gate and go ahead passing between properties. You will reach a junction with a minor road. Turn left to visit the beautiful ford. Here you’ll get your first view of the River Blackwater. Over the last 200 years the river had suffered neglect but in recent years the water quality and banks have been improved. As a result fish stocks are improving and other wildlife has returned including otters. The ford gives an ideal place to cool feet and paws in the summer months and the grassy banks, old mill and footbridge create a lovely vista to enjoy.

Ford to Eversley Village
Ford to Eversley Village

Start point: 51.3595 lat, -0.9074 long
End point: 51.3549 lat, -0.8887 long

Retrace your steps to the junction and turn left through a metal kissing gate (opposite the track you came from). This footpath is part of the Blackwater Valley Path – a 23 mile long distance path which follows the route of the River Blackwater from its source in Rowhill Nature Reserve through to Swallowfield where it merges with the River Whitewater before flowing into the River Loddon. The path is waymarked with a Coot symbol.

Pass through another kissing gate and keep ahead through the left side of a horse paddock. Another kissing gate leads you through the left side of the next paddock (you may need to manoeuvre around a couple of horse jumps!). Pass through a pair of wide gates, cross the next paddock to reach the small kissing gate at the far side.

Pass through this, through the field, the next kissing gate and keep ahead on the enclosed path, enjoying the company of horses in the paddocks to the right. Some distance in, cross over the tarmac lane to join the enclosed path continuing opposite.

Pass through the next kissing gate and keep ahead over three sleeper sections (placed to help with the mud) and soon a wall will be running on your right. As you reach the property, stay close to the wall on your right and come out through a small gate to reach the village road.

Eversley Village to Woodland Stile
Eversley Village to Woodland Stile

Start point: 51.3549 lat, -0.8887 long
End point: 51.3576 lat, -0.8667 long

Turn left along the village road pavement. Continue over Eversley Bridge across the River Blackwater and immediately afterwards cross to the right hand side of the road with extreme care. Fork right down the side road signed to Finchampstead, passing the Tally Ho pub on the right.

Walk down the road edge with care passing Vann House on the right. Immediately afterwards turn right down the residential track with Vann House still to the right. Keep ahead on the tarmac lane and ahead you’ll come to vehicle gates for a farm. Cross the stile alongside and keep ahead close to the left hand fence, passing farm outbuildings to the right.

Keep ahead on the dirt track passing a ménage and several horse paddocks to the right. At the end of the paddocks bear right then left passing alongside a wide gate to follow the wide fenced path with woodland to the left. At the end of this path, cross over a stile into woodland.

Woodland Stile to Eversley Cross
Woodland Stile to Eversley Cross

Start point: 51.3576 lat, -0.8667 long
End point: 51.3488 lat, -0.8594 long

Turn right at the T-junction, following the public footpath through the woodland. Follow the path crossing an access track, a footbridge over a stream and then a disused conveyor for the quarry. The quarries along the Blackwater Valley are used for gravel extraction. The old gravel pits further east have all been restored as lakes for recreation and wildlife, and the same will eventually happen in this area.

Further along follow the path left over a footbridge and through a kissing gate to continue along the bottom edge of the quarry. The path emerges (via a stile on the right) to reach the main road. Cross the road with care and do NOT take the path opposite, instead turn right along narrow path alongside the main road.

Keep ahead over Finchampstead Bridge, where you will cross back from Berkshire into Hampshire. As you pass the village signs for Eversley, cross over to continue on the pavement on the right hand side of the road. As you approach the junction ahead (Eversley Cross) keep right on the footway to reach the road with The Chequers pub opposite.

Eversley Cross to Lower Eversley Copse
Eversley Cross to Lower Eversley Copse

Start point: 51.3488 lat, -0.8594 long
End point: 51.3457 lat, -0.8685 long

Turn right along the main road passing The Chequers and then Chapel Mead cu-de-sac on the left. Shortly afterwards cross to the left hand side of the road using the designated crossing point. Further along you’ll pass a plant nursery – take the next turning on the left called Holly Bush Lane.

Follow the road until you reach a sharp left hand bend with a vehicle gate ahead. Walk ahead towards the gate but, before you reach it, turn right through a metal kissing gate hidden within the hedge. Keep ahead on the enclosed path between paddocks. You will emerge to a junction of paths with Lower Eversley Copse ahead.

Lower Eversley Copse to Heath Warren Wood
Lower Eversley Copse to Heath Warren Wood

Start point: 51.3457 lat, -0.8685 long
End point: 51.3396 lat, -0.8877 long

Turn right and then keep left of the gate ahead to follow the narrow footpath marked with a yellow arrow, running parallel with power lines on the left. Go ahead through a kissing gate. Keep close to the left hand boundary of the paddock for just a few yards and then turn left through a gap in the hedge (passing under the power lines).

Follow the left hand edge of this field and at the end pass through the kissing gate. Turn immediately right to cross the nearside of this next paddock with a fence on the right. Go through the next gate and keep ahead in the same direction where another kissing gate will lead you to the main road.

Cross the road with care, turn right for a few paces and then turn sharp left up the tarmac lane passing the antiques barn to the right. Further along the lane you’ll pass St Mary’s church on the right. The track eventually leads you to the ornate gateway of Arletts Cottage, marking the start of Heath Warren Wood.

Heath Warren Wood to End
Heath Warren Wood to End

Start point: 51.3396 lat, -0.8877 long
End point: 51.346 lat, -0.9096 long

Pass through the gateway and then turn immediately left down the signed path known as Three Castles Path. Follow the main bridleway steadily uphill and then swinging gently right between lines of young birch trees. At the major fork, keep right and you will reach a T-junction with a major forest track (Welsh Drive).

Turn right along the track and at the crossroads keep straight ahead. Keep ahead ignoring any smaller paths left and right. You’ll eventually reach a junction where the main track swings right and a wide grassy path goes ahead. Go ahead here onto the wide grassy path and you’ll reach another T-junction (a pylon will be visible to your left).

Turn right onto the main forest track with the power lines running parallel to the left. After some distance pass alongside a vehicle barrier and keep ahead with a fenced gas installation on the left. Beyond the next vehicle barrier you’ll reach the main road. Cross diagonally left to reach the car park where the walk began.

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Text and images for this walk are Copyright © 2013 by the author clairesharpuk and may not be reproduced without permission.

3 comments for "Bramshill Forest and Eversley"

Nice walk, very wet and muddy for long parts of the route. The wooden staggered fences have all gone, I think this is due to forest clearance. I’m going to walk this route again in the summer!

ADMIN RESPONSE: Glad you enjoyed the walk and thank you for letting us know about the barriers - we have added a note to the relevant section of the walking guide.

By Unsy1 on 04 Feb 2018

walked this today, throughly enjoyable walk, As Jessica said in the first post first section is a bit tricky at the moment but passable with care

By alanking on 12 Apr 2014

Fabulous walk! There's currently a few challenging sections due to recent heavy rainfall - the first section was particularly tricky as they are in the middle of clearing some of the forest and the mud was ankle just have to tread carefully or walk along the main road to the right to skip this bit.

Watch out for a grumpy grey horse in the paddock with the horse jumps, as soon as we got to the gate he galloped over wanting to get out! Obviously the gate for walkies :)

By jessicamaywa on 16 Mar 2014

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