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Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath

There are currently 15 comments and 4 photos online for this walk.

Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath
Author: Claire, Published: 18 Sep 2011 Walk Rating:star1 Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath Walking Guide star1 Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath Walking Guide star1 Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath Walking Guide star0 Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath Walking Guide star0 Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath Walking Guide
Hampshire, Hartley Wintney
Walk Type: Footpaths and Byways
Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath
Length: 6 miles,  Difficulty: boot Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath Walking Guide boot Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath Walking Guide
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0009_light_rain_showers Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath Walking Guide 0020_cloudy_with_heavy_snow Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath Walking Guide 0002_sunny_intervals Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath Walking Guide 0009_light_rain_showers Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath Walking Guide 0009_light_rain_showers Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath Walking Guide

A 6 mile circular walk starting from the village of Hartley Wintney in Hampshire. This is a particularly varied walk taking in the village itself together with local woodland, farmland and heath. The walk crosses the River Hart a couple of times and also passes through a section of Hazeley Heath, part of the Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area. The Heath has cattle grazing in the summer.

The walk is relatively flat with just one fairly steep descent. There is one stile (this is beside a locked gate which has space at the bottom for most dogs to pass under) plus a number of kissing gates, a couple of footbridges (with steps) and several v-shape squeeze gaps. More than one third of the walk is along roads, but most of these are quiet country lanes (one stretch can be busier and needs care), with the rest along field edges, woodland tracks and heathland footpaths (all of which will be muddy after wet weather). Approximate time 2.5 to 3 hours.

Parking is available at the Hartley Wintney village pay and display car park. This can be accessed from the main A30 High Street (signed with a blue ‘P’ and for the Doctors’ Surgery) on Chapel Row. Parking is free on Sundays and Bank Holidays, but on other days make sure you park in the long stay section of the car park to give you plenty of time to complete the walk. Approximate post code RG27 8QJ.

Walk Sections

Hartley Wintney to Farmland
Hartley Wintney to Farmland

Start point: 51.3068 lat, -0.9015 long
End point: 51.3005 lat, -0.8987 long

With the Doctors’ Surgery on your right, leave the pay and display village car park down the small alley to reach the A30 High Street (where the Nat West cash machine will be on your right). Cross over the road via the pelican crossing and turn left to follow the pavement past a range of shops.

Take the first right turning (Hardings Lane) and you will pass the Fire Station on the left. On reaching the green, go straight ahead with the cricket green and pavilion to your right and the common to the left. Follow the road as it bends to the right round the green and then turn right down the small road back towards the pavilion. After passing the pavilion, turn left up Cricket Green Lane.

At the end of the lane, fork to the right to cross the main road via the pelican crossing. Turn right along the pavement and then immediately left into Green Lane. On the left you’ll see a converted gas lamppost which still has the two poles protruding horizontally which were used to rest the ladder on to allow the workers to climb up to light it.

Immediately after St John’s Church, turn left up the footpath. You are now passing through the Mildmay Oaks, planted in the early 1800s at the instruction of Lady Mildmay who was responding to a plea from the Royal Navy following the Battle of Trafalgar to plant oak trees to ensure the plentiful supply of timber for ships. You will see small silver plaques on some of the trees showing the year each one was planted.

Keep left at the first fork in the path, and then continue straight ahead to the far corner of the common, turning right to reach the brick built Oakwood Infant School. Continue ahead up the lane with the school on your right and then turn right to follow the pavement alongside the main road.

Walk along the pavement past a number of properties on the left and then immediately after a property called Meadow Way, cross over the road to reach a kissing gate at the corner of a field.

Farmland to A30
Farmland to A30

Start point: 51.3005 lat, -0.8987 long
End point: 51.2979 lat, -0.9121 long

Pass through the kissing gate and follow the footpath along the field edge parallel to the road. Pass through a v-shape gap (mind your head on the low branch at this point) and then cross the drive to a private property and pass through another v-shape gap to follow the footpath alongside a second field.

Pass through a kissing gate into the churchyard, go down three steps and then turn right through the gate to the road. Turn left and walk along the road and then pass through the lychgate and walk past St Mary’s Church on your left. Go straight ahead through a v-shape gap and then turn immediately right, cross the road with care and go ahead on the footpath opposite.

Pass through another v-shape gap and then follow the footpath downhill with the field on your right. Continue along the path and then turn left to merge with Church View. At the T-junction cross over to follow the wooden footpath sign straight ahead into woodland. Ignore the footpath to the right, and continue ahead.

When you reach the road, cross and turn right and follow the pavement to the junction with the A30 where you will see antiques shop on the corner.

Through West Green Common
Through West Green Common

Start point: 51.2979 lat, -0.9121 long
End point: 51.3084 lat, -0.9212 long

Cross the A30 with care and then walk straight ahead down Thakham’s Lane. Continue down this quiet country lane for about one mile, enjoying the varied architecture of listed properties, residences and barns along the way. After Four Acres Lodge on the right you’ll pass a property called The Gardeners (a conversion from a pub). Continue straight ahead at this point, ignoring the road on the right. Just before the lane turns sharply to the right and opposite West Green House, turn right into West Green Common following a wooden footpath sign.

Continue through the common until you reach a T-junction with a road, turn right and follow the country lane. Follow the road as it bends first sharp left and then, as it bends sharp right, look on the left for the private drive to Inholmes Court. Turn left through the kissing gate just to the left of the drive and follow this path until it emerges onto the driveway. In the opposite hedge you will see a choice of two kissing gates.

Through Hazeley Heath to River Hart
Through Hazeley Heath to River Hart

Start point: 51.3084 lat, -0.9212 long
End point: 51.3174 lat, -0.9023 long

Take the second (left-hand) of the kissing gates (they are only about five metres apart) and follow this footpath as it runs parallel to the drive now on the left. Continue ahead past the property on the left and then alongside a second field. Follow the path as it bends to the right at the top of the field. At the end of the woodland on the left you will come to a stile next to a five bar wooden gate.

Cross over the stile – there is no barbed wire round the stile and there is a gap under the gate which should be large enough for most dogs to get underneath. Go straight ahead up the paddock which may contain horses, keeping the woodland on your left. At the top of the paddock, pass through the kissing gate past a private property and then turn left along a tarmac lane.

At the T-junction with the main road, cross over to pass through the gap in the earth bank opposite to enter Hazeley Heath. Hazeley Heath is a 175 hectare area of partially wooded lowland heath. Continue straight ahead up the concrete track and then at the cross roads in the path, turn right to follow the grass/stone path alongside the open heath. Turn left up a wide concrete track and you will reach some large concrete structures on your right. These were used for training soldiers in World War II on how to extract tanks from bogs.

Continue straight ahead and pass through a metal gate. Note that in summer there will be cattle grazing this section of the heath and an electric fence is used to contain the cows so take care with dogs and children. Follow the path ahead downhill into the heath. At the bottom the path bends first right and then as it bends left, take the left hand fork across a boardwalk. Continue across a second boardwalk and then through a gate.

Turn right immediately in front of the telegraph pole to follow the narrow footpath towards the woodland. You will come to the River Hart, where there is good access for a doggy paddle should your dog be that way inclined (ours certainly is!).

River Hart to Hartley Wintney
River Hart to Hartley Wintney

Start point: 51.3174 lat, -0.9023 long
End point: 51.3073 lat, -0.8983 long

Turn left to reach the small wooden footbridge (take care on the wooden steps which can be slippery) to cross the River Hart. Follow the footpath ahead over the rough field and pass through the kissing gate at the top. Continue on the path with hedgerow either side. Pass through another kissing gate, over a small footbridge and through one more kissing gate into a paddock (probably containing horses). Turn right to follow the field edge with the fence to the right. At the end of the paddock, cross over to pass through a five bar metal gate and then on through a small metal kissing gate. Cross back over the River Hart via the concrete footbridge.

At the T-junction with the road, turn left and follow the lane, then take the first road on the right (marked with a dead end sign). Continue past the farmhouse of Hares Farm on the right and the lane then narrows to prevent vehicle access. Pass a row of white washed terrace cottages on the right and as the road bends to the right you’ll see a community orchard on the left.

At the T-junction with the A30, turn right to return to the High Street and the village car park will be on the right.

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Text and images for this walk are Copyright © 2011 by iFootpath and the author clairesharpuk and may not be reproduced without permission.

15 Comments for: "Hartley Wintney and Hazeley Heath"

Disappointed with this walk. A lot of it is along roads and in residential areas. Hazeley Heath part is nice though. A few gates/kissing gates are different to the instructions - couple of gates on Hazeley Heath no longer there. One stile is now a kissing gate and one kissing gate is a rather broken stile.

By annabomb on 25 Oct 2018

Enjoyed this walk. Found the directions very helpful and accurate. Highlight was seeing stonechats on Hazeley Heath.

By Kimbritt on 09 Aug 2018

We attempted it again today, starting at West Green gardens (there’s a small car park opposite the entrance), after our first circuit in March. It’s still boggy, as per the previous comment, and overgrown beside Inholmes Court’s drive, so we turned back. We wish we’d seen the comment earlier and tried going a bit further up the drive. One doesn’t like to trespass, though.

By csbrereton on 22 Jun 2018

Great walk. After going through the left kissing gate (of the pair) the walk is VERY wet and boggy for 20 yards or so. It came above the top of my boots at one point. It MAY be possible to turn left down the private drive instead of going through the kissing gate and to join the path 20 yards further on through a gap in the hedgerow.

By VentoVR6 on 21 May 2018

A great wintery walk. We are keen to repeat it in summer, although I imagine that the road sections will be busier. The only place we got lost was on the heath between the boardwalks and the river. I think the fences/gates mentioned in the directions (after the concrete structures and after the second boardwalk) have been moved.

By csbrereton on 09 Mar 2018

A really nice walk. The recent heavy rain made parts of the route very wet, thankfully my waterproof boots kept my feet dry. I didn’t find the gate at the tank structures or on the decent, the map help me determine the correct route. My first iFootpath Walk, in fact my first use of technology, I’m a bit of a map and compass kinda guy, but I’ll happily use iFootpath again.

By Unsy1 on 28 Jan 2018

A really lovely walk. We have just had torrential rain therefore a part of the walk was very boggy. The electric fences were easily navigated by using the insulated grip to unhook, walk through and reconnect behind us. We went wrong on the decent as we found a third board walk. We retraced our steps and found the bridge over the river Hart. Another successful walk for iFootpath.

By Stonard on 30 Dec 2017

We thought this was a lovely walk the oak trees are magnificent. The Nat West Bank has gone, atm still there. And the first right sign has gone to the lane. But it’s pretty obvious where to go. I suppose it depends on time of day but we found the lane very quiet.

ADMIN RESPONSE: So pleased you enjoyed the walk. Many thanks for the update re the bank/atm - we have updated the directions.

By Treacle123 on 20 Dec 2017

Very enjoyable walk. I found the instructions spot on, although the two gated mentioned by the descent and the second boardwalk are not there. This may be because it's not yet summer so no cattle to fence in.

By gillespie on 01 May 2017

I think the 1 mile walk on a quiet lane is a bit out-dated as it was very busy and lots of fast cars. We found the walk hard to follow til you got to Hazeley Heath and then we enjoyed it. Agree with the electric fences! We had to climb under 2 not for the faint-hearted!!

By lizrea99 on 09 Oct 2016

I've been doing this walk for quite a few years now and love it as it's so varied. I've probably done it at least 40 times. You just have to be careful on the roads. Lots of places to have a coffee or tea in Hartley Wintney.

By Fleur on 05 Jun 2015

Good walk but not the best if you have a dog as lots of roads. There is a welcome river towards the end though 😊

By christianpea on 10 May 2015

Quite a bit of road walking and very busy road crossing which was punctuated by some extremely fast cars but otherwise fine. Came across a woodland with wall to wall primroses and an amazing cuckoo pint. Delightful.

By skipnjude on 15 Apr 2015

Not the friendliest of walks. Many mis-placed warnings about the electrification of fences on the actual stiles/gates we needed to use, which was quite startling. Lots of lovely properties but much overkill on the 'get off my land' and 'guard dogs on patrol' types of signs. It made us feel the inhabitants of Hartley Witney are most unwelcoming.

By ibumtigers on 05 Apr 2015

Lovely walk - the private drive is now gated off so you have to go through the kissing gate on the left of the drive and follow that down to the end to then cross the drive to get to the correct kissing gates.

ADMIN RESPONSE: Thank you for the update, we've corrected the walk so that everyone will have the latest directions.

By mills on 03 Dec 2014

The information in this guide has been provided in good faith and is intended only as a guide, not a statement of fact. You are advised to check the accuracy of the information provided and should not use this guide for navigational directions nor should you rely on the accuracy of the weather forecast. You are advised to take appropriate clothing, footwear, equipment and navigational materials with you according to the current and possible weather and nature of the terrain. Always follow the country code and follow any additional warnings or instructions that may be available. Some walks may be very strenuous and you are advised to seek medical advice if you have any doubts as to your capability to complete the walk.

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