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Fradley Junction and Alrewas

There are currently 6 comments and 2 photos online for this walk.

Fradley Junction and Alrewas
Author: andyt2404, Published: 12 Nov 2015 Walk Rating:star1 Fradley Junction and Alrewas Walking Guide star1 Fradley Junction and Alrewas Walking Guide star1 Fradley Junction and Alrewas Walking Guide star1 Fradley Junction and Alrewas Walking Guide star0 Fradley Junction and Alrewas Walking Guide
Staffordshire, Alrewas
Walk Type: River or lakeside
Fradley Junction and Alrewas
Length: 5 miles,  Difficulty: boot Fradley Junction and Alrewas Walking Guide boot Fradley Junction and Alrewas Walking Guide
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A 5 mile circular walk from Fradley Junction in Staffordshire. This route explores the countryside which includes farmland and villages as well as sections along the Trent and Mersey Canal (at the start of the walk) and the Coventry Canal (towards the end). There is plenty of wildlife to see along the way. There is a canal visitor centre that is worth exploring, however it is run by volunteers and times of opening vary. At the junction there are several listed buildings, these are: Cottages, Warehouse, Crossover bridge and lock and on the Wharf you will find the original Stables, Carpenters shop and Blacksmiths (which now form part of the cafe and visitor centre). On the opposite side of the canal you will find the award winning Nature Reserve, this is well worth a look for all the family to enjoy.

The route will take you along a mixture of tarmac surfaces, towpaths and footpaths across farmers fields. Some of the fields are likely to be holding horses and sheep so take particular care with dogs. Parts of the route can be muddy, depending on the time of year. You will need to negotiate a few kissing gates plus six stiles. Approximate time 2.5 hours.

The walk starts and finishes at the Canal and River Trust Fradley Junction car park alongside the canal visitor centre. The centre is accessed from the A38 at Alrewas and Fradley Park. Take the A513 towards Kings Bromley. After 2 miles turn left, signed towards Fradley Junction. Follow signs to the car park. The car park is pay and display and costs £1 for 4 hours or £1.50 for the full day (correct November 2015). Approximate post code DE13 7DN.

Walk Sections

Start to Common Lock
Start to Common Lock

Start point: 52.7242 lat, -1.7902 long
End point: 52.73 lat, -1.7757 long

Leave the Canal & River Trust car park and turn right onto the designated tarmac walkway for pedestrians. This walkway runs along the complete length of the access road so be mindful of traffic entering and exiting the junction. As you walk along, the canal will be on your left and an open field on your right. The moorings along this stretch of canal are a mix of private and tourist moorings.

As you approach the end of this section you will see ahead of you Keepers Lock and Bridge 50. There is a set of lock gates directly in front of the bridge and the Keepers cottage is on your right. When you get to the end cross over the road (this can be busy so be mindful of the traffic) turn left and walk over the bridge. As you get to the end of the bridge, on your right you will see an opening leading down to the towpath. Walk down the slope onto the towpath and carry on walking, the canal should be on your right.

As you walk along the towpath you will come across another set of locks, these locks are called Hunts Lock. Up ahead on your right there are some moorings, these are all private moorings. The next set of locks you will come across are called Common Lock.

Common Lock to Alrewas Cricket Club
Common Lock to Alrewas Cricket Club

Start point: 52.73 lat, -1.7757 long
End point: 52.7303 lat, -1.7539 long

Carry on along the towpath. After walking for a few minutes you will come across a wrought iron mile sign set back from the water's edge. The information on this sign says Shardlow 24 miles (in the direction you have just come from) and Preston Brook 68 miles (going in the direction you are traveling). This mileage post was sponsored by the National Westminster Bank (there is a picture of this in the gallery section).

Proceeding along the towpath there is beautiful countryside both left and right of you. There are more private moorings on your right going along a long stretch of the canal. Further along the towpath you will come across Sluice Gate number 15. This is to draw water off the canal should it get flooded, the water will flow into the small stream that you can see below.

After walking further along the towpath you will come to road bridge 49a. As you go under this road bridge you will see that both of the bottom sections have been painted in very colourful and tasteful graffiti style images. This has been completed by the Alrewas Art Fest. Further along you will see on your left some buildings, one of them being an Indian Restaurant and Bar.

You are now approaching Bagnall Lock where you need to cross over the canal using bridge 49 (which is just past the lock). Cross this bridge and then walk straight ahead in front of a row of garages on your left. At the end you will see a path in front of you. Take this short path, at the end of which you will enter a large playing field. Turn right and head towards the railings, then turn left and follow the railings until you reach the cricket club and car park.

Alrewas Cricket Club to Village Post Office
Alrewas Cricket Club to Village Post Office

Start point: 52.7303 lat, -1.7539 long
End point: 52.7198 lat, -1.7626 long

Enter the car park, keep to the right and walk straight ahead until you reach a gap in the bottom right corner. Follow this path, with a solid fence on your left. Turn left part way along keeping the fence on your left and now you will see the enclosed tennis courts on your right. As you reach the end of the fencing, turn sharp left and walk straight ahead (the fence is still on your left and you will hear the traffic of the road hidden behind the hedge to your right), until you come to a stile on your right.

Cross this stile to reach the main road. Cross this road (be mindful of the fast traffic), go over the stile ahead (marked with a public footpath sign) and enter the field. There are likely to be ponies in this field (when I walked they were very friendly and came up to say hello). Cross the field diagonally towards the top left-hand corner where you will find another stile (marked with a public footpath sign). Cross the stile to reach Daisy Lane.

Turn right and walk along the lane for approx 40 yards (there are no pavements so be mindful of any traffic using this lane). You will then see on your left a kissing gate by a horse chestnut tree. Enter the field (which is likely to be holding sheep) using the kissing gate (this gate section has a wooden gate either side of the kissing gate). Slightly to your right you will see a path going diagonally across the field, take this path. The exit from this field is in the same arrangement as the one you used to enter the field.

You have entered another field and diagonally to your left there is a path that goes towards a hedge section and an opening. Take this path to the opening where you will find a concrete bridge crossing a small stream. Go through the kissing gate in front of you. As you enter this field you will see another path to your left, take this path until you reach the exit (there are horses in this field on your right but they are behind an electric fence).

When you reach the end of the path turn right into a lane. After a short walk you will see a stile on your left (marked with a public footpath sign). Cross this stile and enter the field (likely to be holding horses). Take the diagonal path to your right until you come across another stile (by a public footpath sign). Cross it and carry on in the same diagonal direction across this second field to reach the next stile (this field is overgrown except for the path you are walking). Cross this stile (which is to the left of the metal gate), to reach Long Lane.

Turn left and carry on walking until you get to a Give Way sign at a junction with Dunmore Hay Lane. Continue straight over this junction (be mindful of the traffic) and carry on walking until you reach a T-junction by the Post Office. There are some beautiful houses along this section.

Village Post Office to Bridge 90
Village Post Office to Bridge 90

Start point: 52.7198 lat, -1.7626 long
End point: 52.7159 lat, -1.7702 long

At the T-junction turn right onto Church Lane and continue along this road ignoring all side turns. On this section there are houses on your right and left. After a short period of time the houses will disappear and there will be a field on your left. From this point onwards there is only the path you are walking on as on your left is a banked grass verge. After walking for a short period you will see ahead and to your right a very tall elegant looking spire, the spire of the village church.

You will come to Old Hall Lane, cross this road (be mindful of the traffic). When you get to the church you will also find the village primary school alongside. With the school on your right, cross the road to turn left into the lane, marked as a dead end.

Walk along the lane until you come to a bridge, which has a permanent barrier across it to stop vehicular traffic. As you approach the bridge you will see on the left an opening going down to the canal towpath. Turn left onto the concrete ramp and walk down. At the bottom of the ramp turn right, you are now facing bridge 90.

Bridge 90 to Swing Bridge
Bridge 90 to Swing Bridge

Start point: 52.7159 lat, -1.7702 long
End point: 52.7232 lat, -1.7927 long

Walk under bridge 90 and follow the towpath. This is the final stretch back to Fradley Junction, the canal should be on your left. You will now be walking along a stretch of the Coventry Canal. Shortly up ahead you will see another road bridge, bridge 90a. As you walk under this bridge you will notice that it looks fairly new, there is a date plaque on either side of the bridge that says 2000 (I don't know if this replaced an original bridge or was added as an extra).

From here it is a fairly long walk until you reach your next bridge which will be bridge 91. There is plenty so see along route, wildlife and moored canal boats as well as the odd passing boat. Eventually after a fairly long walk you will go around a large right-hand sweeping bend. Once out of this bend you will see ahead of you bridge 91. This is the road bridge which some of you may have driven over when you were making your way to Fradley Junction.

After you have gone under this bridge and walked further along the towpath you will come across a very large Canal and River Trust sign that says: Coventry Canal, Welcome to Fradley Junction. Ahead of you just a short way along the towpath is a Swing Bridge, marking the point where the Coventry Canal meets the Trent and Mersey Canal (Fradley Junction).

Swing Bridge to End
Swing Bridge to End

Start point: 52.7232 lat, -1.7927 long
End point: 52.7244 lat, -1.7909 long

Carry on walking past the swing bridge and follow the towpath as it goes round to the right. From the corner of the junction look straight across to see some of the listed buildings mentioned in the introduction, one of them being the pub. This pub is very popular for tourists and locals alike with seating outside overlooking the canal, a good spot to watch the boats go by.

As you turn the corner you will see a set of locks in front of you. Immediately behind the locks is bridge 50. Carry on walking straight along the towpath (do NOT cross the bridge) and you will see up ahead of you the wharf which marks the end of the walk. When you arrive at the wharf you will find more old buildings some of which have been converted into the canal's visitor centre, toilets and cafe. The cafe is very popular with tourists and locals with plenty of seating outside and is also dog friendly.

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Text and images for this walk are Copyright © 2015 by iFootpath and the author andyt2404 and may not be reproduced without permission.

6 Comments for: "Fradley Junction and Alrewas"

Five of us chose a dry, pleasant day to do the walk. Starting off along the canal, waving to the passing boats, past and around the cricket club, passing through lovely villages and fields with horses, along a few lanes and back along the canal, over the bridge and into the caravan park's cafe for a cuppa and a chat. not too taxing, no steep hills, just a pleasant walk. Thank you for organising.

By kaymate on 29 Aug 2018

Entering Long Lane in Fradley the guide does not say to follow Long Lane to the left to the T junction. It just says "at the T junction". I used the map to navigate that bit. Nevertheless a lovely walk, well described. Thank you for all the walks in iFootpath.

ADMIN RESPONSE: So pleased you are enjoying all the iFootpath walks and thank you for getting in touch with us. I think the details to get to the T Junction you mention are included in the guide - in a final paragraph within that section. Remember to scroll down to the bottom of every App Walk Section page before you swipe sideways onto the next page. Happy Walking!

By RoyMalc on 21 May 2018

Lovely walk but careful as in 2 fields we had to do a detour because the way was cut off with electric fences. Is this allowed across a public right of way?

ADMIN RESPONSE: Thanks for getting in touch. Electric fences can be used across a right of way, but only if a provision is made for walkers to pass through - usually an insulated plastic handle at one end that allows you to unhook the wire. If this wasn't in place, it would be helpful if you could report the obstruction to the Staffordshire Rights of Way team via

By jilltomordy on 02 Aug 2017

enjoyed the walk canal part most enjoyable

By mickymoo on 29 Apr 2017

Another successful walk completed. What better way to spend your morning.

By WayneJane on 16 Apr 2017

Enjoyable walk. Level and firm walking. We did the walk in 50 minutes less than the estimated time.

By Lorenzo64 on 26 Dec 2016

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This is a cast iron mile sign
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Uploaded: 21 Apr 2017



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