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The Haycutter Oxted Trail

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The Haycutter Oxted Trail
Author: Pub Walker, Published: 02 Oct 2017 Walk Rating:star1 The Haycutter Oxted Trail Walking Guide star1 The Haycutter Oxted Trail Walking Guide star1 The Haycutter Oxted Trail Walking Guide star1 The Haycutter Oxted Trail Walking Guide star1 The Haycutter Oxted Trail Walking Guide
Surrey, Oxted
Walk Type: Footpaths and byways
The Haycutter Oxted Trail
Length: 3 miles,  Difficulty: boot The Haycutter Oxted Trail Walking Guide boot The Haycutter Oxted Trail Walking Guide
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pdf The Haycutter Oxted Trail Walking Guide
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A circular pub walk of just over 3 miles from The Haycutter near Oxted in Surrey. The Haycutter is a beautiful country pub restaurant and makes the perfect place for refreshments before or after your walk. The walking route leads you through stretches of meadows and woodland, visiting an old mill, a lovely church and a beautifully-kept golf course along the way. You will have views to the North Downs and also across the Sussex and Kent countryside to the south.

The route has several steady climbs and descents throughout, but there are no steep sections. Some of the grass meadows and woodland bridleways can be very muddy, particularly after rain and in winter, so good boots are recommended. You will need to negotiate several kissing gates plus 3 stiles (the stiles all have fence gaps alongside which should be fine for dogs up to labrador-size, but larger dogs may need a hand). You will cross one sheep pasture, plus some grass meadows that are often empty, but sometimes hold horses (the one horse present when we walked was held away from the path behind electric fencing). One stretch of the route crosses a golf course, so please watch out for any stray flying golf balls. Allow 1.5 hours.

Oxted is located about 4 miles south-east of Junction 6 on the M25. The walk starts and finishes at The Haycutter pub on Tanhouse Road, south of the town. If you are coming by car, the pub has its own large car park. Approximate post code RH8 9PE. If you are coming by train, Hurst Green rail station is just a half mile (10-minute) walk from The Haycutter.

Walk Sections

Start to Oxted Mill
Start to Oxted Mill

Start point: 51.2442 lat, -0.009 long
End point: 51.2487 lat, -0.0099 long

Leave the pub car park, cross over Tanhouse Road and take the stile directly opposite into a grass meadow. This meadow (and the following two meadows) are often empty, but you may come across horses and/or electric fencing. Follow the footpath across the meadow at about 1 o’clock, to reach the stile in the far right-hand corner. Take the stile (or the adjacent gate) and cross the second meadow diagonally left to reach a stile in the far hedgerow.

Take this stile, walk straight ahead through this third meadow and exit via the metal kissing gate. Keep ahead along the gravel driveway, which soon swings right and then left, to pass the front of the beautiful red-brick Oxted Mill on your right.

Oxted Mill stands on the River Eden. The site of the mill was mentioned in the Domesday survey in 1086. In Victorian times, Oxted Mill was in fact two self-contained flourmills which were attached to each other. Flour milling ceased here in August 1951, the machinery was removed and the building converted to offices. The building changed hands in 2017 and so is heading for its next phase in life.

Oxted Mill to Tandridge Golf Course
Oxted Mill to Tandridge Golf Course

Start point: 51.2487 lat, -0.0099 long
End point: 51.2502 lat, -0.0246 long

Cross over the lane and take the continuation of the footpath directly ahead, which passes the old mill pond for Oxted Mill on your right. Beyond the pond, simply keep ahead on the narrow woodland path, later passing a fenced paddock on your right and then merging with a tarmac driveway to reach a road, Springfield.

Turn left (uphill) to reach the junction and then turn right along the pavement, passing between the properties of Old Oxted. You will come to the crossroads in the heart of the old town. If you glance to your right here, you will get a glimpse of the many historic buildings. Taking care of traffic at this junction, turn left to join the pavement of Godstone Road.

Where the road bears right, keep straight ahead to continue on the pavement along the smaller side road, still Godstone Road. At the end of the road, continue ahead on the tarmac path which soon swings left and then becomes a raised embankment path, with the A25 road running down to your right. Just beyond the brow of the embankment, turn left by a dog waste bin to reach a junction with the access drive for Tandridge Golf Club.

Tandridge Golf Course to St Peter's Church
Tandridge Golf Course to St Peter's Church

Start point: 51.2502 lat, -0.0246 long
End point: 51.2433 lat, -0.0322 long

NOTE: The next stretch of our walk follows a public footpath through the golf course, which crosses several fairways. Please show respect for the golfers by allowing them to play their shots before you cross and keep your eyes peeled for any stray flying golf balls.

Cross over the access drive and walk straight ahead to join the single-lane, tarmac golf course roadway. The roadway leads you over three fairways. Just before a hedge begins on your left, take a moment to pause and enjoy the far-reaching Kent and Sussex views across to your left. Celebrated golf architect Harry Colt created the delightful course at Tandridge in 1924. Set among mature woodland with spectacular views of the Surrey North Downs (to the north) and the countryside of Kent and Sussex (to the south), it is understandably popular with Surrey’s golfers.

Simply continue on the tarmac roadway, ignoring a side branch on your left, to reach the end of the tarmac at a turning circle. From this point, maintain your line, following a grass track and then joining an unmade path running along the length of a belt of trees. Part way along, keep your eyes peeled to your right for a beautifully framed view of the North Downs.

Where the dirt path ends, keep ahead through a small section of scrub to reach an old metal kissing gate. Take this to enter the sheep pasture and follow the obvious grass path ahead, exiting via another kissing gate at the far side. Cross over the driveway diagonally left and join the continuation of the footpath between hedgerows. As you reach the road, turn left along the road for just 15 paces and then fork left onto another footpath, passing the Tandridge Parish Millennium sign on your right. This path leads you into the grounds of St Peter’s Church.

St Peter's Church to Oxted Place
St Peter's Church to Oxted Place

Start point: 51.2433 lat, -0.0322 long
End point: 51.2422 lat, -0.0165 long

Walk directly ahead, passing between the church on your left and a magnificent, ancient yew tree on your right. The tree is thought to be more than 1,500 years old. St Peter’s Church was originally built in the 1100s and contains Norman and Medieval elements, but the outward appearance is now largely Victorian as it was enlarged in 1844.

Immediately after the church building, turn right along the gravel path which leads you out of the churchyard via the lychgate. Keep straight ahead, passing the circular parking area on your right, to emerge to the road alongside the entrance drives for Tandridge Court. Keep ahead along the left-hand edge of the road to cross the first driveway and then turn left into the second driveway (for Tandridge Court Farm).

Follow the driveway between the various properties that once formed part of the Tandridge Court Estate. Stay ahead on the track which leads you down between wooded banks into an area known as Cranberry Hollow. At the bottom, follow the grass and stone track ahead (which can be muddy), with beautiful views across to your right. The track leads you under the stone arch of one of the estate’s old walkways and then climbs steadily through the trees.

The stretch where the track levels off can be quite muddy, but it is possible to use the right-hand embankment to avoid the worst of this if necessary. Ignore the footpath signed off to the right and, 250 metres later, you will emerge to a junction with a tarmac driveway. Bear right to join this, heading downhill for a further 250 metres to reach a junction with the stone-pineapple-topped gateposts of Oxted Place on your left.

Oxted Place to End
Oxted Place to End

Start point: 51.2422 lat, -0.0165 long
End point: 51.2444 lat, -0.009 long

Go straight ahead onto the continuation of the public bridleway. This narrow path leads you between fields and hedgerows, before emerging alongside a property, Stone Cottage. Keep ahead along the gravel and then tarmac access drive to reach a junction with Broadham Green Road.

Cross over with care to reach the large, triangular grass common, Broadham Green. Walk diagonally left across this green, staying close to the right-hand hedgerows. Broadham Green is one of more than 7,000 registered commons in England. Across to your left you will see a beautiful oak tree alongside the bus stop. At the time of the Domesday Book, Oxted was known as Acstede, meaning the place where oaks grew.

As you approach Tanhouse Road, bear right to follow the very wide grass verge alongside this. This verge leads you directly back to The Haycutter on your right, for some well-earned hospitality.

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2 comments for "The Haycutter Oxted Trail"

The pub is a wonderful place to start ... so friendly, great service and the food just kept surprising us with tastes appearing all over the place. At the end of the walk they even kindly gave us an old towel for the dog to lie on in the car on the way home. We did the walk on a rainy day at the start of April. Not bitterly cold but very very soggy. Wellies absolutely mandatory. But was lovely. Not too demanding except for the last muddy lane. Will definitely go back in the summer for the views and the nature.

By NickDun on 02 Apr 2018

Walked this third week in April. An excellent walk apart from the fourth stage. Incredibly deep in mud the whole width of the path for a couple of hundred metres. Trying to avoid it up the embankment was not an easy option. Visiting the pub on your return makes it more than worthwhile.

By Nickplane on 31 Mar 2018

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