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Levin Down

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Levin Down
Author: mike evans, Published: 16 Jan 2018 Walk Rating:star1 Levin Down Walking Guide star1 Levin Down Walking Guide star1 Levin Down Walking Guide star1 Levin Down Walking Guide star1 Levin Down Walking Guide
West Sussex, South Downs
Walk Type: Footpaths and byways
Levin Down
Length: 4 miles,  Difficulty: boot Levin Down Walking Guide boot Levin Down Walking Guide
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11 °C, Partly cloudy, Wind: 13 mph SW
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A 3.5 mile round walk across and around Levin Down at Charlton in West Sussex. We have walked around Levin Down many times but we had never done this particular route before. As is often the case, once you have taken the trouble to find a new route it is not unusual to find it rewarding and this was again the case here. There was the interest of the chicken patrol (!) and we saw a couple of nice shire horses and some different countryside. You will need to contend with the usual ups and downs of the South Downs, but nothing too extreme. There are quite often sheep on the Down although we didn't see any when we walked it. We did pass through (and very close) to some bullocks but they did not trouble us. You will need to negotiate some gates and stiles on the route. Allow 2 hours.

Charlton is on the Charlton Road between Singleton and East Dean. To reach Singleton take the A286 Chichester to Midhurst road. Singleton is some five and a half miles north of Chichester. Turn right at a sharp left-hand bend halfway through Singleton. As you enter Charlton, North Lane is immediately on the left. Turn left into it and the parking is immediately on the left. There is enough room for three cars. The latitude and longitude of the parking area is 50.910343,-0.738766 and the nearest postcode is PO18 0HU. The 99 bus service from Chichester to Petworth stops at Charlton. From the bus stop walk west towards Singleton for 120 metres, North Lane and the start of the walk are on the right.

Walk Sections

Start to Seat
Start to Seat

Start point: 50.9104 lat, -0.7387 long
End point: 50.9171 lat, -0.7373 long

From the parking area, walk out into the road and turn right towards Singleton. Walk for 100 metres to reach a small five-bar gate in the right-hand hedge. Pass through the gate and into a meadow laid to pasture. There are cattle in this field at times, usually bullocks, but we have not ourselves had any difficulty with them, in fact we met them later in our walk.

Walk for 200 metres across the meadow going uphill. At the top there is a small five-bar gate with a handy seat to the left of it, useful if you want to catch your breath. Pass through the gate where there is an information board telling you about Levin Down. Turn right to follow the path. After 100 metres or so, pass through a small five-bar gate to the left of a larger gate to shortly reach a two-way footpath fingerpost. Bear left here to take the left-hand option and walk gently uphill.

Continue for some 400 metres to reach a seat on the left and, as it happens, also a geocache. It's early in the walk but you might like to sit here for a couple of minutes and take in the view which is shown in the associated image.

Seat to Three Signs
Seat to Three Signs

Start point: 50.9171 lat, -0.7373 long
End point: 50.9234 lat, -0.7361 long

From the seat, continue on the same path as it shortly enters a wooded area. Continue for 300 metres or so, passing through a small five-bar gate on route to emerge into an open meadow through a further small five-bar gate.

Turn immediately right to walk along the edge of the meadow with a hedge immediately on your right (see image). Walk along the edge of the meadow for 300 metres to reach a stile with a two-way footpath fingerpost to the left of it. Pass over the stile, walk down a dip to meet a track and turn left onto it. Walk uphill on the wide track for just 60 metres to an area with no less than three multi-way finger posts in close formation. Your way is simple though. Follow the right-hand most fingerpost and the right-hand of the tracks.

Three Signs to Chicken Patrol
Three Signs to Chicken Patrol

Start point: 50.9234 lat, -0.7361 long
End point: 50.9247 lat, -0.7374 long

The right-hand fingerpost is a three-way bridleway sign. Follow this, there is a turning to the right immediately into a field, ignore this but continue ahead with a wire fence on your left and a hedge of small trees to your right. The path goes downhill for some 350 metres, gently at first and then slightly more steeply.

Watch out for a bridleway waymarker on your left. The turning, to the left, goes acutely back and could easily be missed. After taking the turning there is a wire fence on the right and then shortly the same on the left. Now !danger ahead! Apparently the area is patrolled by chickens, don't say you haven't been warned. Move ahead with caution. A short distance ahead, as the fencing gives way to more open woodland, there is an electric supply point on a broken post on the left with a tap nearby. Presumably so that the chickens can make a brew when they are on the graveyard shift (just a thought).

Not too far ahead, the path reaches a large galvanised five bar gate. Pass through the gate and onto a wide track. Straight ahead (and just in front of a water trough) is a four-way bridleway fingerpost. Follow this to go straight ahead towards some farm buildings and barns. And at last we see the chickens! And pretty posh they are!

Chicken Patrol to Levin Down
Chicken Patrol to Levin Down

Start point: 50.9247 lat, -0.7374 long
End point: 50.9158 lat, -0.7474 long

Walk ahead and pass the barns on the left and right to pass a lovely flint building on the right (the entrance of which is marked by two staddle stones).

Walk ahead, now on a narrow tarmac road, shortly passing over a cattle grid. Continue on the narrow road for some 300 metres, with fields on the right and meadow land and trees on the left, to pass over a further cattle grid. Continue ahead, now with trees on your left and fields still on the right, for a further 500 metres. Just after the road turns to the right and passes an electric transformer on a single pole, look out for a two-way footpath fingerpost and a stile on your left. Go over the stile and walk with a wood on your left and a fence on your right for 200 metres. The path comes to an abrupt end at an iron gate. Turn left to follow the two-way fingerpost on your left to enter the wood. Now walk uphill through the wood. Ignore a crossing track part way up and continue up. The path reaches a fence and a field on the right and shortly reaches a stile with a two-way fingerpost to the left of it.

Now the way ahead here is somewhat indistinct so make careful note of the direction of the fingerpost. Walk for 120 metres to the corner of some trees on the right and to a large galvanised five-bar gate with a two-way fingerpost to the left.

Again make careful note of the fingerpost direction. There are trees 60 metres or so off to your left and trees immediately to your right. Again the path is somewhat indistinct, but stay initially with the trees on your right. After a short distance as the trees on your right fall slightly further away, bear slightly left, aiming for a point some 300 metres or so ahead where the trees on the right appear to start to merge together with the trees on the left. If in doubt, stay close to the trees on the right. Once you get to the point where the trees merge there is a footpath waymarker. 60 metres ahead, the trees (on your right) turn right. Go straight ahead and uphill where you should see, 100 metres ahead on an artificial horizon, a four-way fingerpost. See associated image.

Levin Down to End
Levin Down to End

Start point: 0 lat, 0 long
End point: 0 lat, 0 long

At the four-way fingerpost, where a bridleway crosses a footpath, turn right onto the bridleway. Walk downhill to a hedge line 200 metres away. As you approach the hedge line, bear to the left slightly towards the left of two small five-bar gates about 50 metres apart. Take the left-hand of the two. (A fingerpost near some bushes points to the right-hand gate. But as said, do NOT take this one but take the left-hand option). Pass through it, a few metres of trees and a further small gate to enter a field. There is a seat on the left.

When we passed through this field, as mentioned earlier it had a large number of bullocks in it. We passed very close to some of them and were completely ignored (just sayin!), but take care all the same. Walk down the field to meet the end of a line of bushes, and continue to the left of them to the bottom of the field and to a small wooden five-bar gate (to the right of a larger galvanised gate).

Pass through the gate and into a lane. Walk down the lane, passing a school on your left and a churchyard on your right, to meet a road. Walk across the road and slightly right to pass an old telephone box (now hosting a defibrillator) and into a housing estate. Follow the road initially left through the estate and then shortly right. With two symmetrical flint houses in front of you, look out for a fenced narrow footpath passing between houses, half way along the road on your left.

Go down the footpath, shortly turning right and, at the end, pass through a small five-bar gate on your left. It was somewhat muddy at this point for a few metres. Head straight across the field, there is a wire fence about 50 metres to your right. Walk initially parallel to the fence and then, as you approach the end of the field, make your way towards the fence on the right. You will reach a stile to the left of a large galvanised gate. Use it to exit the field. Turn left and walk the short distance to the end of the road and carefully cross it to reach your starting point.

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2 Comments for: "Levin Down"

Fantastic walk - up there with one of my favourites. Well worded clear instructions. Was brilliant to see the chickens too! A perfect fix on the way back from a boozy weekend at Butlins.

By shake303 on 02 Oct 2018

This is an excellent walk with very clear, accurate directions. We walked it today in glorious winter sunshine and saw a red kite. Afterwards we enjoyed a very good lunch in the local pub (Fox Goes Free).

By sarahcaffyn on 19 Jan 2018

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