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iFootpath Expert: Sharing iFootpath walks and more…

This iFootpath Expert guide will help you share iFootpath walks and other website pages with your friends and family and also suggest ways that you can add iFootpath links to social media sites and your own website. First, we will introduce the easiest way to share walking guides from the iFootpath website. Then we will provide some tips about sharing on social media and last a little about the structure of the iFootpath website and how we have tried to make sharing and linking to iFootpath walks and the iFootpath App as easy as we can.

So first, let’s just jump in and see some easy ways to share iFootpath walking guides from the iFootpath website.


Sharing walks from the iFootpath website

Sharing a walk with your friends or onto social media is easy via the iFootpath website. Just find the walk you want to share and look for the ‘Share’ feature - to the left of the walk description on a wider screen like a PC and below the walk description on smaller devices. You will see that some of the more common social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest) have icons. If you tap the + symbol (square blue box) you will have access to lots more including Tumblr and Reddit. Also, as part of this feature, you can share the walk URL with your friends and family by tapping the email icon. This will automatically (if your device and browser allow) create an email with the title of the walk and the walk URL.

Sharing the walk URL by email is a good way to help arrange a day out with friends and family. Remember iFootpath walking guides also include getting there and postcode information. If the recipient opens the URL when logged in they can also add it to their Favourites via the iFootpath website so that they can easily find it on the iFootpath App too. (Please see iFootpath Expert: Tag your Favourite and Completed Walks).Ifootpath walk share iconsWith the social media icon you will see that you are only sharing the walk URL but when this displays on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., you should also see the main walk image and the walk introduction appear in the post. (This is done automatically). So, there’s no need to type in lots more info about the walk when sharing to social media – instead, you can personalise your post with your own comments and information.

It would be very helpful when you share a walk on social media to add the hashtag #iFootpath we will hopefully then find your post and reply or share again. Other iFootpath users will also be able to find you more easily.

 Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 09.34.50.png

Sharing other pages from the iFootpath website

You can of course share any page from the iFootpath website including search pages – when you make a search the URL can be used to re-create the same search again in the future. You may also wish to share some of our blog posts and even this iFootpath Expert Guide. Just use the share buttons that are part post page and hey presto… the post is shared to your social media account. You will see that with blog posts the title, main image and introduction will automatically be added to your social media post too.


Our social media accounts

We have iFootpath accounts on several platforms including:

Facebook Group
Facebook Page
LinkedIn Company Page
LinkedIn Group Page
Twitter @ifootpathUK
Google +

We would love to meet up with you on your favourite platform.


Introduction to the iFootpath website URL structure and ways to link from websites

For those that are interested the following section will help you understand a little more about the structure of the URLs on the iFootpath website and how to use this structure to link back to iFootpath.

All iFootpath walks have a unique URL and this URL will not change in the future. Whilst not easy to remember for an individual walk the URL format does make it quite easy to link and find a walk once shared.

All walking guide page URLs looks like this:

Where xxxx is a unique walk number. For example, The Crown and Twickenham Riverside walk has the URL where 5693 is the unique walk number. I should also mention too that the page you see is the latest up to date version of the walk.

You will also find that when you search for walks on the website that the URL that results from the search has a lot of data and symbols and characters - this too is unique. Here is a typical URL result from a search:,%20United%20Kingdom&locationLon=-2.8930749999999534&locationLat=53.193392&order=&viewAs=map&nRows=25&filterTheme=pub

Search map showing walks This URL will show a ‘map’ of walking guides near to ‘Chester’ that are in the ‘Pub & Café’ collection. What’s more, this is a live link so the URL will always produce a map of all walks in our database. Once again it will not change in the future. You will see that the URL has a longitude and latitude reference so it is possible for us to provide a live link from any location in the UK – for example, closest to a hotel, campsite or B&B.

We also have another way to link to iFootpath via a location which is simple to use and makes it possible to create multiple links on the fly. Just add the first half of your postcode to the end of the following URL

Here’s an example

For postcodes that only have three characters e.g. NW1, just use the three characters at the end of the URL. If you do link to iFootpath from your website then please do let us know and we will link back from our friends & supporters page.


Linking to the iFootpath App

If you want to share a link so that your friends and family can download the iFootpath App we have a simple URL for you. This ‘smart’ URL will take them to the App store that their device uses. So, for example, if they open it on an Android device it will take them to Google Play. If you open it on a PC it will take you to the App description page on the iFootpath website.

Anything else?

So, there we have the iFootpath Expert guide to sharing and linking to iFootpath walks, searches and blog posts. If you need any help to make some links just contact us and we will try our best to help.
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