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iFootpath App User Guide

This user guide will help you get the most from the iFootpath App. 



  • Download iFootpath walking guides (all free) to take with you on your device.
  • Find walks near your current location or search by post code, county, key word, collection or walk type
  • Your walking experience is facilitated and enhanced with photographs, turn by turn instructions, descriptions of the area, historical notes, points of interest and audio snippets
  • Avoid any wrong turns by following your real time progress along the walking route on the live map
  • Works even without mobile signal coverage as walking guides are stored on your device
  • Add your own comments and photos to the walks
  • Tag walks as Completed and Favourite on App and website


  • Track your own walking route using your device’s GPS capability and the intuitive iFootpath App tracker
  • See your route drawn live on the map while you are on the move
  • Keep tracking your route while using other apps or device functions
  • Add waypoints to break your walk into sections and help walkers navigate and find key landmarks & points of interest
  • Upload your route to where you can use the bespoke visual editor to correct any errors, add additional waypoints, reorder waypoints or extend the track to perfect your route
  • Add photos and descriptions on the website and then share with the iFootpath community, family and friends


iFootpath Library

The Library is the main App homepage and lists the walks you have downloaded to your device.  It displays basic information about each walk including the name, county, walk length, walk type and grade of difficulty. Before you follow a walk, click the Refresh button to ensure the walk is up to date (we do change the wording of walks over time, based on walker feedback, so it is always best to refresh the walks to ensure you have the very latest version). 


2016 09 20 13.44.57


Main Menu

To navigate to different pages within the App, tap the menu button (the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner). This menu page also shows your Login details. Do NOT logout between sessions using the App - only if you want to log in as a different user. Logging out and then back in may result in loosing some App data (like walks downloaded to the Library or Tracked walks).

2016 09 20 13.45.23


iFootpath Store

The Store is accessed via the menu. The page connects to the internet and gives a complete list of the published walks available on iFootpath. The walks are sorted in order of most recently published. You can view the Store as a List (as shown below) or as a Map (showing pins on a map that mark the starting points of all the walks). When viewing the list format, tap the walk title to see more details of the walk, or tap Download to add the walk to your Library (all walks are free of charge). (Once a walk is downloaded, the Download button will be replaced by a Walk button). Once the walk is downloaded all the data (text, photos and map) will be stored locally on your phone so that you can follow the walk without phone signal.


2016 09 20 13.45.16


Searching for walks

Tap the Search button in the top right-hand corner of the Store page to open the seach function. This page allows you to search for specific walks within the hundreds available. The top field allows you to enter a post code or town (choose from the drop-down list once you start typing). Tap the location symbol (to the left of the top field) to enter your current location. 

2016 09 20 14.06.14

The second field allows you to search by a Key Word to find walks that have a particular word in the Walk Title or Main Walk Description. (You need to enter a single word with a minimum of four letters). For example you could search for 'Heath' for heathland walks or 'Chase' to find walks within Cannock Chase. 

The bottom three fields are drop down options to limit or refine your search results. You can choose a single County, or a Walk Type (e.g. Coastal or Woodland) or a Walk Collection. The walk collections are groups of walks that we have created for a particular purpose. For example, Sussex Hospices Trail contains all the walks within this long distance path and Explore Surrey contains all the walks created in partnership with Surrey County Council. 

NOTE: For best search results, only complete one of the five search fields at any time. If you complete too many of the fields, you will end up limiting your search and may end up with zero search results. If you get an empty search result, use the Reset button to clear all the search fields and then start again. 

2016 09 20 14.04.16


Following a walk

By tapping Walk (from either the Store or Library) you will open the walk overview page.

2016 09 20 14.19.032016 09 20 14.19.08


At the bottom of this page you will see a number of buttons that allow you to interact with this walk. You can give the walk a star rating (based on how much you enjoyed it) or leave a comment. We love to hear your comments about the walks (both how much your enjoyed your outing and also anything in the walk description that needs updating - we rely on your feedback to help us keep the walking guides up to date so don't be shy!).

Tap Gallery to see the photos that other walkers have added to the guide, or to add your own photos. Tap Remove Walk to remove the walk from your Library. (NOTE: Remember when walks are in your Library the data is stored locally on your phone - so if your phone memory is full, you can Remove the Library walks you are not using and then download them from the Store again when you want to). The bottons here also allow you to mark the walk as a Favourite or Completed walk (see details further below).

To follow the walk simply tap the ‘Walk’ button in the top right of the overview screen. This will display the first page of the directions (Getting there - which gives you details of how to find the start point of the walk). Scroll through the directions pages by swiping the screen to the left. Each page gives a photo and turn-by-turn directions relating to one section of the walk.


2016 09 20 14.27.43


Tap the image of an 'Unfolding Map' or word 'Map' in the top right-hand corner of any of the section pages to access a live map showing the walk route. This can be scrolled and zoomed using standard gestures. Your current location will be marked with a blue dot on the map. The walking route is marked as a red line with ‘Go’ marking the start of the walk and the numbered waypoints marking the end of each section and the start of the next.


2016 09 20 14.29.32

As you walk you will be able to check that you are going the right way by checking that the blue dot (your current location) is following the red line on the map correctly. This should help to prevent any wrong turns.

Favourites and Completed 

There are more than 1,300 walking guides on iFootpath. To make it easier for you to keep track of the routes you love and the routes you have already walked, you can use the Favourites (the walks you love) and Completed (the walks you have walked) functions. 

In the Library, open the Walk Overview page and scroll to the bottom of the page. Choose 'Add to Favourites' to choose the walk as a favourite and/or 'Mark Completed' to choose the walk as one that you have walked. The button will be highlighted and the wording will change to 'Favourite' and/or 'Completed'. 

2016 09 20 15.02.30

Within the Store, you can easily see the completed and favourite walks marked with a key. Completed walks have a green tick (rather than a grey tick) and Favourite walks have a blue heart (rather than a grey heart). This is shown for the Ramsbury walk below...

2016 09 20 15.07.48

You can view all your Completed walks as a list and all your Favourite walks as a list by choosing the My Favourties page or the My Completed Walks page from the App main menu. 

2016 09 20 15.01.48

Tracking a new walk 

To track a route of your own, choose 'Start Tracking' from the main menu. A live map of your current location will open up showing your current location as a blue dot.

 Before doing anything else, just wait 20 seconds to allow the Tracker to properly calibrate your current location. You can zoom in using standard pinch gestures to show the map at the appropriate scale.

 To start tracking your route, tap the ‘Start’ button at the bottom of the screen. A ‘Go’ marker will appear at your current location and ‘tracking’ will appear in red at the top of the map screen. Start walking and a red line will be drawn on the map to show the route you have taken.

2016 09 26 10.57.01


The tracking will continue when the device screen times out (in fact this will help to conserve battery life) so simply slip your device into a bag or pocket as you continue to walk.

 At the start/end of each section you will need to add a waypoint. Open up your device and stand still for a few seconds to allow the Tracker to catch up to your exact position. Tap the ‘+ Waypoint’ button in the top right of the screen. A text box will appear asking you to name the waypoint. Wait until the cursor is flashing and then enter the name of the waypoint. This should be a name that relates to the relevant landmark (e.g. reservoir, stile, viewpoint, A30, woodland edge...). The numbered marker will appear on your route. Don’t worry if you change your mind about where the sections should start/finish later on, or if you miss any waypoints while walking. Waypoints can be added, deleted, moved, renamed or renumbered in the iFootpath GPX Editor later.

2016 09 20 14.40.49


2016 09 26 11.01.36

If you stop for a break on your walk, tap the Pause button to stop tracking, and then tap the Continue button to start the tracking again as you continue walking.

When you are at the end of your walk and ready to save the file, tap the Finish button. (Don’t worry about adding a waypoint at the end – the Tracker will automatically add the final waypoint called ‘End’ for you as part of the saving process). A text box will appear and ask for a name for your walk. Wait until the cursor is flashing (this may take a few seconds while the walk is saving) and then enter the name for your walk – this can be changed later on the web site. Tap OK. A message will appear confirming that the draft walk has been added to your drafts folder.

2016 09 20 14.43.23


2016 09 20 14.44.14

You can use the ‘Scrap’ button to abort and scrap the walk if you wish at any time. This will delete the walk without saving. 

If your device runs out of battery or crashes for any other reason, an Auto-save function will save the walk up to the point where the device crashed. You can access this file through the My Tracked Routes in the menu. 


Hints and tips when using the iFootpath App Tracker

1) Before trying to track a full walk, consider using the Tracker around your local neighbourhood to get a feel for it ready for when you begin tracking in earnest. Test all the buttons so you know how each function works.

2) Once you open the Tracker, it is best to stand still for 20 seconds to allow the Tracker to accurately calibrate your position. 

3) Remember that your device is accurately tracking your GPS position at all times. Try not to wave the phone around too much if you are also using the device to take photos or voice recordings to support the walk. We find it easiest to carry the device in a bag or pocket to keep a steady trace (but don't bury it too deep in a bag or clothing or your signal will be affected!). If you seem to be having problems with the Tracker accurately following your position, try turning your device off and on again (but obviously not in the middle of a walk you are tracking).

4) Continued running of GPS in the background will dramatically reduce the battery life of your device – although the effect will vary depending on your device model, other functions running and signal strength. There are a number of things you can do to help with this problem. Ensure you have a fully charged device before you begin your walk. Once you are happy that the Tracker is working properly, only reopen the device when you need to (e.g. to add a waypoint). If you are going to track a walk for more than 2-3hours consider investing in an additional battery pack (either a solar charger or a pack that uses rechargeable batteries). Of course we hope that as time goes on the battery life of devices will continue to improve and this will become a problem of the past.


My Tracked Routes

Choose My Tracked Routes button from the menu to access a list of the routes (along with their length in miles) that you have created using the Tracker. Tap the right arrow at the side (NOT the walk name) alongside each track for a choice to either view it on the map or upload it to the iFootpath website.

2016 09 20 14.49.50


To upload a Tracked Route to the iFootpath website, tap Upload. (NOTE: This will only work if you have a 3G or 4G or Wifi connection). The track will upload and then a text box will appear to confirm the upload was successful.

2016 09 20 12.12.20


The uploaded route will appear in the ‘My GPX Files’ folder on, where it can be edited and then converted to a draft walk. The draft route will remain in the Tracker Drafts folder on the App until it is manually deleted. We recommend that you retain each draft route on the App until you are happy that you have edited the uploaded version successfully on the web site. To delete a Tracked Route from your phone, tap on the edit button (top right) and then select the route(s) you wish to delete.



Creating Walks with iFootpath


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