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It’s official, walking really is better than chocolate...

The simple things really are some of life’s greatest pleasures it emerged on Friday. Simple joys such as climbing into a bed with freshly washed sheets or the smell of freshly cut grass really do help to brighten our day, a poll of 3,000 adults revealed.


And of course the walking fans amongst us won’t be at all surprised to hear that countryside walks made it into the top 50 things that make us happy. Walking in the countryside made it in at number 25, ahead of eating chocolate, eating cake and the smell of freshly baked bread.chocolate

The research, carried out by Three Barrels Brandy, aimed to capture the league table of things that bring people pleasure and it is very reassuring to know that so many of them are everyday occurrences that cost nothing. So next time you’re feeling a little down put on your boots and get out for a glorious ramble in the British countryside.



50 things that make us happy:

1 - Finding a ten pound note in an old pair of jeans, 2 - Going on holiday, 3 - Getting into bed with freshly washed sheets, 4 - Swimming in the sea, 5 - Waking up on a sunny day, 6 - Sitting in the sun, 7 - Being surprised with flowers or chocolates, 8 - Getting a nice message from a loved one, 9 – Cuddles, 10 - Getting a thank you card in the post, 11 - Old people holding hands, 12 - Driving a car with the window down on a sunny day, 13 - Winning a tenner, 14 - Booking a holiday, 15 - Listening to your favourite song, 16 - Finding a bargain, 17 - Seeing an old friend, 18 - Picnic in the park, 19 - Getting a promotion, 20 - A romantic night out, 21 -Hearing a song that reminds you of your past, 22 - Looking back at old photos, 23 - Making a new friend, 24 - Getting a quiet moment to yourself, 25 - Walks in the country, 26 - Hearing a baby laugh, 27 - Having a girlie / lads night out, 28 - Waking up on a Saturday morning and realising it’s the weekend, 29 – Chocolate, 30 - Eating cake, 31 - Fitting into a pair of jeans you thought were too small, 32 - Praise from your boss, 33 - The smell of freshly baked bread or cookies, 34 - A warm bubble bath, 35 - Someone telling you you’ve lost weight, 36 - Finding out someone likes you, 37 - Sunday dinners, 38 - The smell of freshly cut grass, 39 - Landing at the holiday airport, 40 - A good hair day, 41 - Bank holidays, 42 - Passing a driving test, 43 - Swanky hotel rooms, 44 - Your children doing well at school, 45 - Someone offering an elderly person their seat on the bus or train, 46 - Someone giving you their car parking ticket when you arrive in the car park, 47 - Waking up to find out it has snowed overnight, 48 - Drinking a cold beer after work, 49 - Eating comfort food, 50 – Snogging.


30 October 2011

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default_blogger It’s official, walking really is better than chocolate...
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Sunday, 25 June 2017
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