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The Lapworth Loop
Author: Mark Walford, Published: 15 Aug 2012 Rating :

Walk Type: Footpaths and byways

Length: 11 miles,  Difficulty:
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An easy-paced eleven mile circuit around south Warwickshire taking in canal-side walking, woodland paths, and arable farmland plus some road walking. The route passes close to two National Trust properties at Baddesley Clinton and Packwood House. There are several gates on route plus four stiles.

Lapworth village is easily accessible from the M40 and M42 motorway network in the region. The walk starts at the car park of the Navigation Inn on the edge of Lapworth village. Parking areas are available throughout the village. Postcode B94 6NA. Approximate co-ordinates 52.336267, -1.721523.

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Walk Sections

Start to St. Michael's Church

Start point: 52.3361 lat, -1.7215 long
End point: 52.3398 lat, -1.7037 long

From the pub car park entrance, cross the Old Warwick Road and turn right for a few yards and over a canal bridge. At the end of the bridge, take the steps left and down onto the Grand Union Canal. Turn right to walk along the towpath for approximately 1.5 miles, passing over the bridge at Kingswood Junction where the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal joins the Grand Union, and then under a second bridge further along. Eventually a fine canal-side house comes into view. Walk under the bridge alongside this property and then leave the canal by turning sharp right immediately after the bridge to climb to Finwood Road.

Turn right along this road, passing the Tom O’ The Wood pub. The road takes you gently uphill, passing the entrances of several ranch-like properties, until it reaches a cross-roads. Keep ahead at this junction, along Rowington Green road. After passing a cricket ground on the right and a farmhouse on the left, keep an eye out for a footpath sign on the left. Go through the gate at this sign and walk along a farm track with the farm buildings on your left.

Continue to follow the track, flanked by woodland and pasture, and then go through a gate and into a large open field. Continue down the side of this field, and cross a further field that takes you slightly uphill and to a stile. Continue along the narrow track with the multiple chimneys of Baddesley Clinton house (National Trust) just visible across the fields to your left. The track leads to a metal gate where, if you wish, a slight diversion left will take you into the grounds of St. Michael’s church, whose origin dates back to the 13th century.

St. Michael's Church to Convent

Start point: 52.3398 lat, -1.7037 long
End point: 52.3492 lat, -1.6968 long

Turn right after the metal gate and continue down the track, away from the church until you reach the road. Straight ahead of you is a waymarked footpath which passes a group of modern buildings on the left on the edge of Hay Wood. On reaching the wood, turn left and then almost immediately take the small path that goes off to the right to take you through the woods (Note: this track can become very boggy in wet weather).

After some pleasant walking under a canopy of mature Oak and Birch the track reaches a junction with a wider trail. Turn left to continue along this wider trail. At the next crossroad of paths turn left, leaving the large trail behind, to continue through the woods. Look out for a gate at the further edge of the woods that opens onto a meadow. Go through this gate and cross the meadow diagonally making to the right of farm buildings you can see ahead of you. Follow the way markers around the buildings to emerge on the driveway of a handsome half-timbered house. Walk down the driveway to reach the A4141 Birmingham Road.

Cross this road with care (it can be busy, with traffic moving at high speeds) and turn left. Walk along the road for approximately ¾ mile, passing a farm and heading gently uphill. At the brow of the hill keep a lookout for a footpath sign on the opposite side of the road, next to a metal gate. Cross the road again to go through this gate, walk along a short grassy paddock to a second gate on your right. Go through this gate and into a large field. Walk along the edge of this field following the line of trees until a wooden gate is reached. Go through this gate to emerge onto a driveway servicing a group of farm cottages. Continue along this driveway to reach Rising Lane with the entrance to the convent of St. Francis of Assissi opposite you.

Convent to Grand Union Canal

Start point: 52.3492 lat, -1.6968 long
End point: 52.3593 lat, -1.7207 long

Turn left along Rising Lane and, at the first left hand bend, turn right at a waymark to walk along a driveway with an imposing house sited behind a pond on your right. Continue forward, passing a derelict property on the left, to cross a yard and over a stile by a stable block. Cross the stable yard and over another stile. Follow the right hand edge of the following four paddocks to reach a wooden platform and a metal gate in a corner. Go through the gate and walk around the perimeter of the small patch of scrubland to reach a stile which lets you out onto the Birmingham Road and the village of Chadwick End.

Walk along the main road and through the village, passing the Orange Tree pub on your left. As you come to the other end of the village turn left and onto Netherwood Lane. Walk along the lane, passing some imposing houses and then open countryside, until you reach a T-junction. Cross the junction and keep ahead along a bridleway. At the end of the bridleway go through the gate and continue forward along the right hand edge of a field. Continue forward along a second smaller field until a small wooden bridge is reached. Cross the bridge and follow the path ahead until it brings you out by a brick bridge spanning the Grand Union Canal. Immediately after crossing the bridge turn left and down onto the canal towpath.

Grand Union Canal to Packwood House

Start point: 52.3593 lat, -1.7207 long
End point: 52.348 lat, -1.7458 long

Walk along this tranquil section of the canal for just under a mile, passing under a fuel supply pipe, until a bridge is reached just before some canal moorings. Walk under the bridge and then turn sharp right to climb away from the canal and onto Rising Lane. Turn left to walk along the lane, passing a number of houses and cottages to eventually cross over a railway line via a road bridge. Look out for a waymark after crossing over the bridge and, when you reach it, turn right to walk down a private drive towards the gates of a cottage. When you reach the gates, turn right to follow a narrow track that skirts around the edge of the property until you emerge onto a small parking area.

Go through the wooden gate ahead of you and then turn sharp right to walk along the field. Follow the way markers forward as they lead you into a farmyard. Walk through the yard until you reach the farm’s driveway and then turn left to walk up the driveway to Chessetts Wood Road. Turn right when you reach the road and then, shortly after, cross it to go through a gate at a National Trust information sign for Packwood House. Follow a long stately avenue of trees until you reach pastureland and then go through a metal gate leading to a small set of steps to stand before Packwood House (16th century).

Packwood House to Lapworth

Start point: 52.3479 lat, -1.7458 long
End point: 52.3361 lat, -1.7215 long

After admiring this piece of National Trust real estate turn left and walk away from the house along Packwood Lane. When a junction is reached, continue forward on Packwood Lane. As the lane bends to the right, take the track on the corner to your left. Follow the twists and turns of this cinder track until a collection of properties are reached. When the track ends, turn right along a smaller path to emerge onto the Grand Union canal once more, in front of a pleasant canal-side cottage.

Turn left to walk along the canal, passing a series of locks until you reach a marina. At the marina take the bridge over the canal and then turn left to continue along the towpath. Pass under the next bridge but leave the canal at the second bridge and turn left to cross it. Walk along the road, under a railway bridge, and back through the village of Lapworth to the Navigation Inn.

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5 responses to "The Lapworth Loop"

Thoroughly enjoyed this pretty walk. Excellent instructions. We lunched at the cafe in Packwood house.

By Trina on 16 Apr 2019

Superb directions, so easy to follow !! Lovely afternoon.

By sallieg66 on 08 Apr 2018

Lovely walk even in the winter! Navigation Inn open all day for food. Instructions were spot on. GPS tracking tended to drain the battery somewhat on my phone.

By RC547 on 25 Jan 2017

A very nice walk along canals and through forests and fields; Hay wood a particular highlight. A very flat walk that can be done at a good pace. A few short road sections, but roads quiet. Food and drink can be found at Lapworth village (Navigation Inn), The Orange Tree (approx. 2 hours from Lapworth), The Puchbowl (approx. 3 hours from Lapworth).

By anthonybrewe on 30 Sep 2014

Excellent set of instructions. Followed the words rather than the map today and they were a perfect description of the route. Thanks

By BashfulBear on 16 Feb 2014

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Image by: Mark Walford
Uploaded: 14 Aug 2012
The Tom O' The Wood pub
Image by: Mark Walford
Uploaded: 14 Aug 2012
St Michaels Church
Image by: Mark Walford
Uploaded: 14 Aug 2012
Hay Wood
Image by: Mark Walford
Uploaded: 14 Aug 2012
Chadwick End
Image by: Mark Walford
Uploaded: 14 Aug 2012
The Grand Union Canal
Image by: Mark Walford
Uploaded: 14 Aug 2012
Packwood House
Image by: Mark Walford
Uploaded: 14 Aug 2012
Back on the Grand Union
Image by: Mark Walford
Uploaded: 14 Aug 2012
Canal Marina
Image by: Samtropez
Uploaded: 31 Mar 2018
entering Hay Wood section of walk

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