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Aylesbury Arm Circular Walk
Author: NickC, Published: 27 Jun 2014 Rating :

Buckinghamshire, Chilterns
Walk Type: Footpaths and byways

Length: 4 miles,  Difficulty:
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This circular walk starts and ends with long stretches of the Aylesbury Arm off the Grand Union Canal. Originally one of many spurs off the main arterial trunk of the then Grand Junction Canal, the Aylesbury Arm was opened in 1815 and is just over six miles long, linking Marsworth outside Tring to the centre of Aylesbury. The stroll along the towpath is bookended by two of the Arm’s 16 locks, with the Arm unusual in being a narrow canal, whereas the Grand Union is broad, thereby restricting the size of boat that can use it.

The route detours away from the canal after half way, to follow an arc following mainly bridleways, although the path can get rather overgrown in the summer months, including the walker’s enemy, stinging nettles, so best not to wear shorts! There’s also a short dip away from the canal at the start to take you past the Oak Farm Rare Breeds Park (01296 415709), which also offers refreshments. There is one short section of road walking without pavements and a few stiles to negotiate. Otherwise, this is a fairly flat and straightforward walk, combining footpath with towpath. Two hours should be more than enough to complete it.

The walk begins at the Canal and River Trust car park just before the canal bridge, a mile north of the A41 on Broughton Lane, itself a mile east of Aylesbury, just after the village of Broughton. For GPS types, the postcode for Broughton Lane is HP22 5AR.

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Walk Sections

Start to Bridge 13

Start point: 51.8201 lat, -0.7789 long
End point: 51.8203 lat, -0.7666 long

Head south down Broughton Road, left out of the car park, with the canal bridge at your back. Follow the road as it describes an ‘S’, taking care with the oncoming traffic as there is no pavement here. Enter Broughton and go past an attractive blue and white thatched cottage positioned sideways onto the road, and past the rare breeds centre and camp site, all on your left.

Immediately after the last of these, pick up the footpath leading into a field on your left. Cross the field initially keeping the boundary to your left (and ignoring a path to your left), before crossing diagonally slightly to the right to a narrow offshoot of the field in the top right corner. When in this part of the field, head for the top left hand corner and cross over a stile into another large, more square, field. Here aim half left, aiming for the top left hand corner, which brings you onto the towpath by Bridge 13.

Bridge 13 to Red House Lock

Start point: 51.8203 lat, -0.7666 long
End point: 51.8175 lat, -0.7363 long

Head right on the towpath, which is generally solid, with the canal itself often hidden from view by tall reeds or bamboo. Look out here for butterflies and birds. The route is extremely straight, like a Roman road, and takes you under a series of hump backed canal bridges linking fields.

Continue to Bridge 9, which guards Red House Lock, where there is a convenient seat to rest awhile.

Red House Lock to Stream

Start point: 51.8175 lat, -0.7363 long
End point: 51.8229 lat, -0.7472 long

Head up right and then left, over the bridge, following College Road straight ahead up into an industrial estate. This blends into a rough track at its top, which itself ends in a T-Junction, where you head left.

This is one of the areas which can become overgrown, but not for too long, as it ends at a gate, leading you into a field. You need to head up towards the left hand corner of this field, either following the left boundary or alongside the hedge in front of you (the farmer may have helped in how he cuts the crop). Once in the corner you will come across a stream. Do not cross this, despite the signage.

Stream to End

Start point: 51.8229 lat, -0.7472 long
End point: 51.8201 lat, -0.7787 long

Head left here, keeping the stream to your right. If it is too overgrown, there is an option to follow the edge of the field to your left and then cut in right at the top corner. At a crossing point after less than a hundred yards, head over the stream (right) and then immediately left. Follow the edge of the resulting field before crossing into another. Stay with the right hand edge of this field and in the top right hand corner turn right, down a tree lined alley.

At the end of this, cross over the field to the point where a canal bridge should hove into view in front of you. Cross over this and then head right, retracing your steps initially, but then following fresh towpath which will lead you back to your starting point, with some large ponds beyond the opposite bank giving you a clue that you are nearly there, if the sight of the lock where you started hasn’t given you this already.

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2 responses to "Aylesbury Arm Circular Walk"

Hi the walk along the canal is closed at the moment so the walk does not work at present. 26.10.17

ADMIN RESPONSE: Thank you so much for letting us know. We have checked on the Canal and River Trust and the towpath closure will be in place until 15th Dec 2017 while improvement works take place. We have added a temporary closure notice to the walk.

ADMIN UPDATE FEB 2018: We have checked again with the Canal and River Trust and they have confirmed that the towpath is open once again, so we have removed the closure notice. The walk is open for everyone once again.

By mopersharp on 26 Oct 2017

The nearby farm park you mention in directions is wrongly named and you give completely wrong postcode. You mean Oak Farm Animal Park I presume.

Admin response: Thanks for taking the time to let us know about this and sorry if it caused you any problems. The details of the start point have been updated to include the correct nearest postcode.

By rona61 on 27 Jul 2014

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There are currently 2 comments and 4 photos online for this walk.

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