Searched for walks within 5 miles of Postcode: ip17, Lat: 52.23, Long: 1.5

Walk County Area Length Grade Distance
Friston North Suffolk 2.0 1 3 miles
Bells and White Horses: The Middleton and Westleton Pub Trail Suffolk Middleton 4.0 2 3 miles
Friston Loop Suffolk Friston 4.0 2 3 miles
Friston East Suffolk 3.0 1 3 miles
The Eel's Foot Minsmere and Dunwich Trail Suffolk Eastbridge 5.0 1 4 miles
Keys and Crown: The Snape Heath and River Pub Trail Suffolk Snape 4.0 1 4 miles

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Note: distances are calculated "as the crow flies" in a straight line between the points specified. Travelling distances will be further.