North From Howden
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East Yorkshire, Howden
Walk Type: Footpaths and byways
Length: 5 miles,  Difficulty:
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TEMPORARY CLOSURE NOTICE SUMMER 2018: The footpath near to Waypoint 1 on this walk is currently closed whilst new housing is being constructed, meaning this walk is not currently passable.

A 5 mile circular walk from the market town of Howden in East Yorkshire. This is a great romp through wide open spaces that lets you and your pooch enjoy a real sense of freedom and tranquillity. It’s a relatively level route on green paths and along arable fields, where well-behaved dogs can be off-lead for most of the time – and there are no stiles to be climbed. There is also chance to explore the bustling market town of Howden and its historic Minster.

The route is relatively flat, with just some gentle slopes. It follows grass and green unmade paths alongside arable fields and so can get muddy at times. There are no stiles or kissing gates on route, but you will need to negotiate a couple of narrow footbridges. You will not be sharing any of the paths with livestock. Allow 2.5 hours.

Howden is on the A63 Selby to Hull road and is also very close to M62, accessed via the A614 from junction 37. By public transport, North Howden station (on the Selby to Hull railway line) is a short walk from Howden town centre. Bus services operated by Arriva and East Yorkshire Motor Services run from Selby, Goole and Hull and stop at Howden. If you are coming by car, parking is available in the centre of Howden. The walk starts and finishes at the war memorial in Howden Market Place. Approximate post code DN14 7BJ.

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Walk Sections

Start to Town Boundary

Start point: 53.7454 lat, -0.8659 long
End point: 53.7503 lat, -0.863 long

Start at the war memorial in Howden market place, and head along Market Place passing the White Horse pub before turning right at the end of the road into Bridgegate. After passing the white stone Press Association building, turn left along a road signposted for the Oaks Golf Club & Spa and Bubwith. Continue ahead along a wide pedestrian path, passing some new-build houses to the left. Just before the 40 miles per-hour signs, turn left down a track which leads to a path next to a dyke.

The terrain around Howden is largely flatland and in some places marshland, much of which is divided by drainage dykes, which are useful as markers and guides along the walk. The path is partly enclosed by trees, and is flat and easy to follow.

Town Boundary to Tree Line

Start point: 53.7503 lat, -0.863 long
End point: 53.7588 lat, -0.8795 long

Ignore a path to the right over the dyke, and bear left past a wooden waymarker post – for the Howden 20 trail. The path crosses a tiny wooden plank footbridge as the views begin to open up. Where the path meets another, cross a wooden footbridge following the Howden 20 trail sign, and then turn left before continuing ahead towards a farm with the dyke to the left and fields to the right.

Just after the path crosses another dyke (Duck Swang Drain), turn right and walk alongside this dyke, keeping it to the right. After a short while, turn 90-degrees left at a waymarker post and head towards another marker post, just inside a gap in the Hawthorne hedge ahead.

Keep following the Howden 20 signs along the wide, green path – ideal romping ground for Pooch! With a field and the farm buildings seen earlier to the left, and a Hawthorne hedge to the right, continue ahead towards the tree-line. Where the path crosses a farm track, continue ahead on the path towards the trees, following a broken public footpath sign tied to a stone bollard.

Tree Line to Level Crossing

Start point: 53.7588 lat, -0.8795 long
End point: 53.7672 lat, -0.8806 long

On reaching the trees (near a junction of paths), follow a waymarker and the Howden 20 sign to the right of a wooden gate, and to the left of a metal gate, towards an enclosed footpath. In this area, dogs should be kept on the lead due to presence of ground nesting birds. Follow the waymarker to the right then turn left over a wooden footbridge into an open field.

Continue straight ahead, following the hedge-line (to your right) on a clear path along the edge of the field to a wooden footpath sign next to the railway line, by a level crossing.

Level Crossing to Footbridge

Start point: 53.7672 lat, -0.8806 long
End point: 53.7607 lat, -0.8799 long

At this point the Howden 20 route path crosses the railway line, but we do not. Instead, turn sharp left and head along the wide, green farm track that runs directly away from the level crossing. (NOTE: Do not take the path that runs directly alongside the railway – you need the track that heads diagonally away from the line). The cooling towers of Drax power station are visible straight ahead in the distance. By a raised mound of land, bear right on to grassier path and head in the direction of a farm.

Before the farm, at an old waymarker post near the end of a dyke, turn left and walk alongside the dyke – keeping it to the right. Keep ahead then follow the tree-line along the edge of the field – passing a white and red gas pipe marker post to the right. Soon after, turn left along a green path cut into the field towards another old marker post in front of the trees. Continue on the path as it heads back towards the footbridge crossed earlier. From this point, you will be retracing your steps for a while.

Footbridge to End

Start point: 53.7607 lat, -0.8799 long
End point: 53.7455 lat, -0.8661 long

After re-crossing the footbridge head along the enclosed path, once again on the Howden 20 trail – and making sure dogs are on leads in the ground-nesting bird area. Having returned to the junction of paths, retrace the outward route back towards Howden and continue straight ahead along the track. Howden Minster is visible in the distance ahead. After passing the farm buildings (to the right this time), continue to the dyke and turn right, then left back to the footbridge crossed early in the walk.

Cross the bridge and now we take a different route from the outward leg. Continue straight ahead, along a wide, green path by the Howden Marsh Nature Reserve towards houses and trees. At a public footpath sign at the end of the path, turn left and head along the pavement of the road back into Howden.

The town is well worth exploring. One of the earliest recorded events in Howden’s past is that King Edgar of England gave Howden Manor to his first wife, Ethelfleda, in 959 AD. Howden’s impressive Minster is well worth a visit. Construction began in 1228, but it was not completed until the 15th century when the chapter house and top of the tower was added. In the 14th and 15th centuries, Howden became a centre for pilgrims because of John of Howden’s alleged miracles in the 13th century!

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4 responses to "North From Howden"

Gave up on this walk as the path is closed just after mark 1 due to a housing estate being built, they have a diversion but that only takes you back on to Selby road, which has no path and very little verge of you wanted to follow it round to rejoin the walk.

ADMIN RESPONSE: Many thanks for letting us know about the temporary path closure and diversion, we have added a a note to the walking guide.

By Carl W Branton on 15 Sep 2018

Howden is a lovely find we have been bypassing it for years on the way to Bridlington and the east coast. The walk is good exercise but badly maintained and there is not a lot of features of interest or views. Got lost a couple of times due to ill defined paths.

ADMIN RESPONSE: Remember to use the iFootpath App's live GPS map to guide you when paths are indistinct - this shows your live location (a blue dot) on the route map (a red line) and will prevent any wrong turns.

By Donnywalker on 10 Jun 2018

Followed the gps on the app, the walk can only be about two miles long. finished it in 25 mins.

ADMIN RESPONSE: The full route is definitely 5 miles long, however it consists of two loops with a a central linear joint, so it is very easy to take a short-cut and follow only one part of the GPS map.

By 1mpgd1 on 30 Mar 2018

Lovely walk although directions not easy to follow, however we kept on track with the GPS map which is very accurate

By dzbarret on 20 Aug 2017

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